30 Amazing Halloween Decorations for Under $10

#frugal #cheap #inexpensive #save #savemoney #deals #halloween #halloweendecor #halloweendecorations #decor #decorations #celebrate #trickortreatOctober 1st is the start of a time of year that I both love and hate.

My favorite season is fall. The colors, the dreary weather, the crisp air. Long sleeved shirts and big, warm coats. I love saying goodbye to summer!

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Until my daughter was born, Halloween was my favorite holiday. It’s now taken second place to Christmas, but it’s still a holiday I greatly enjoy. I like getting scared. Horror movies, creepy decorations, spooky costumes. That’s my jam!

Ya know what I don’t like about Halloween, though (and Thanksgiving and Christmas)?

How much money I end up spending.

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I mean, when I talk to other people and hear how much they spent on a holiday, I usually think “wow, that’s a lot!“. So, I guess by the average person’s standard, I don’t really spend a ton of money during the holidays, but in the moment, when I’m making the purchases, I always feel guilty! That money could have been put towards something more important.

Since Bee was born I haven’t allowed myself to buy much as far as Halloween decorations go. Just one or two every year, depending on price. It’s definitely hard, though. There are always so many awesome things I want to purchase! But with the price of candy (I don’t want my house to be the lame one with the off brand crap candy) and the cost of clothes (I’ve never dressed Bee in a costume, but for the last two years I’ve bought her cute Halloween outfits!), I normally can’t afford to splurge much on decorations.

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That might change a bit this year, though! Normally I make my decor purchases at Walmart because their Halloween decorations are usually pretty cheap. This year our Walmart is being remodeled and their Halloween selection blows, so I’ve been doing a little decor hunting online and have managed to come up with 30… yes, THIRTY… cool Halloween decorations for UNDER $10!

Some of these items are only $3 or $4, so I could easily buy two or three without jumping into double digits!

Being the awesome woman I am, I just knew I had to share these with all my fellow penny pinching moms!

Creepy Halloween Signs

I really like these yard signs! For less than $10, you can get a package that includes all three!


Miniature Tombstones

These tombstones are only about an inch tall, so you probably won’t want to use them in your yard. You could, however, create a little mini cemetery on a shelf or table in your house just like people do at Christmas time with their little towns!


Bloody Weapons Garland

And this, my friends, is what Halloween garland should look like!


Zombie Door Cover

Something you may learn about me is I sorta have a thing for zombies. Not like in an obsessive sort of way, you won’t find me in any Walking Dead shirts. I just think they are kinda cool around Halloween. There are a lot of door covers out there, but this one is definitely my favorite!


Skeleton Raven

I’ve been seeing these skeleton animals all over the place this year. I think they’re pretty cool, but I honestly can’t afford to purchase most of them.
Luckily this crow is under $10 and totally doable on my budget!


Skeleton Rat

If rats are more your style, there’s this skeleton option. I think rats and mice are absolutely disgusting. How creepy would this thing be sitting on a shelf in your living room?!


Spooky Pillow Cases

I absolutely love these pillow cases. At less than $3 a piece, they’re a great way to add a bit of spookiness to your living room couches!


Giant Bloody Window Posters

Talk about a creepy way to decorate your living room window!


Scary Stalker Shower Curtain

Interested in taking the creepiness into your bathroom? This shower curtain can help you do just that!
Not gonna lie, if I put this in my bathroom, I’d probably forget it was there the next time I got up at 3am and scare myself when I walked into the bathroom!


Zombie Hand Yard Stakes

Zombie hands coming out of the ground? Yes please!


Skeleton Hand Yard Stakes

I know not everyone is big into the zombie stuff, so there’s this option, too. How neat would this be paired with a tombstone?


Bleeding Zombie Bowl

I’d totally use this to hand out candy!


Hanging Bloody Arm

Because who doesn’t want a bloody arm hanging from their living room ceiling?!


Hanging Bloody Foot

And here’s the matching foot!


Realistic Skull Prop

I’d definitely place this on a shelf or use it as part of a dining table centerpiece.


Hanging Rotten Skulls

This is one I think would work really well in one corner of my current living room. Not sure my daughter will be a fan, but we can work on that!


Bat Table Runner

Back when I had a real dining table (and dining room for that matter), I would have loved this table runner!

Skull Candle Tower

Battery operated so you don’t have to worry about your toddler knocking it over. Creepy and safe!


Skeleton Cat Sign

For the cat lover!


Skeleton Dog Sign

And this one for those of us who are dog people.


Double, Double, Toil & Trouble Bottles

I really like these. They seem sort of… I don’t know… elegant? Almost like they aren’t actually Halloween decorations.
What would you use these for? I’m thinking the larger one could be used as a vase for a Halloween themed bouquet. Not really sure what I’d do with the smaller one, though.


BOO Wall Sign

This could be put on your wall or even hung from a door.



A great addition to a mantel or bookshelf!


Dripping Blood Border Roll

Throw this stuff up on the walls and make it look like blood is running from the ceiling! Each roll is 20 feet long.


Mossy Tombstone

At 22 inches tall, this could definitely be used in your yard!


Chalkboard Tombstone

I think this is really neat! You could use it just about anywhere.


Orange & Black Harlequin Pumpkin

A fun, glittery pumpkin to add something a bit different to your decor.


Bloody Footprint Runner

I’m not sure how well this runner holds up, I wouldn’t want it to get ruined the first day I had it out.
If I bought this, I’d save it and set it up on Halloween morning.


Bag of 12 Skulls

For the skeleton enthusiast. Another bundle of skulls that could hang from your ceiling!


Bleeding Taper Candles

I love holiday themed candles. These ones would be great for Halloween!


My favorites? Definitely a toss up between the pillow cases and the Double, Double, Toil & Trouble bottles!

Which one(s) do you like best? Will any of these be finding their way into your house this October?

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    These are awesome! Thanks for putting together such a great list.


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