Bathroom Mold Removal

Hubby and I bought our “new” house in December of 2015.  About 6 months ago.  When we purchased our 1950’s home, the inspector found a few issues.  Some were addressed by the seller, but most were left up to us to attend to.

At the time of purchase, we did not have this gorgeous black mold on the walls and ceiling of our master bathroom.  But, over the last 6 months, it has been slowly manifesting.  This is what we ended up with:


I apologize for the cruddy lighting in these pictures. Lots of changes ahead for this bathroom in the near future! Lighting included!

The mold, though.  Really gross! Plus, it’s a health hazard.  Oh, and my fan was filthy, too… didn’t even notice that until I took on this project!

I Googled around and read a bunch of different mold removal techniques.  I chose to follow the bleach water plan.  It included a bowl filled with 1 part bleach and 3 parts water, a sponge, and a whole bunch of scrubbing.  But, honestly, I was surprised by how easily the mold came off.  I really expected I’d have to put in a lot of elbow grease.  The worst part was the more intensely textured areas, but they only took a bit more effort than everything else.

Once the mold was all gone, I followed some advice my mom gave me: apply Kilz to the walls and ceiling, followed by a semi-gloss or satin paint.  Now, I know some of you might be thinking “Why would you follow your mom’s advice?  She’s a grandparent, right?  Shouldn’t she be doing old people stuff like going to all you can eat buffets, watching Antiques Roadshow, and worrying about her Metamucil intake?”

Although I understand where you guys are coming from, she’s surprisingly handy for a grandmother!  She and my dad have been remodeling homes almost entirely by themselves for the last 16 years. Note: They are starting to show their age these days. They are currently in the middle of a house remodel and they hired a general contractor to help them.  This is a first!  Don’t worry, Mom, I still love you, even if you are slowly heading to complete senility!

So, back to the mold issue.  This is what the bathroom looked like post bleach water, pre Kilz application:



Almost looks good as new!  But, even though it looks like I’m mold free, I wanted to try to prevent it from being an issue in the future.  I applied a coat of Kilz Kitchen & Bath primer and a pure white satin paint.  It’s a small, dark bathroom.  Hubby and I decided to try to brighten it up as much as possible and figured going white was the best bet!  It looks great now, but we are in the middle of installing a new vanity as the old, gross vanity from the 70’s was falling apart and had a lot of water damage and mold issues, too.  Once we have completed that project, I’ll post pictures of the before and after of the bathroom and show you how everything looks and update you on the mold situation!

Have you ever had a bathroom mold issue?  What was your solution?

UPDATE 9-20-16: Still no sign of mold at all! Since posting this over 3 months ago, we’ve also replaced the vanity, sink, faucet and fan. The bathroom is coming along nicely!

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