The Best Gifts for Your Toddler’s Summer Birthday

A compilation of some great gifts for the toddler with a summer birthday!It’s hard to believe, but in just a few short days I will be the mother to a two year old!

Honestly, it’s not that big of a deal to me. It’s just crazy how much our lives have changed over the last couple years. The people my husband and I used to be are long gone, replaced by parents. Our lives from two years ago died the day our daughter was born. Now the world revolves around making sure the choices we make are in the best interest of our little girl.

Bee and I will forever share one thing (aside from DNA): summer birthdays!

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My daughter was born 3 days before my 26th birthday. It was a 90 degree day, although you’d never know it if you had stepped foot into my 62 degree hospital room! I remember being so happy that we got to go home the evening before my birthday. The next day I didn’t even remember it was my birthday until my mom texted me hours after I woke up.

I used to love having a summer birthday as a kid. The celebration options are seemingly endless. Most all outdoor activities are possible. Not to mention all the fun gifts you can receive. I was always a fan of outdoor toys!

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Normally I start gift shopping early, but I’ve been off my game lately. I almost completely forgot Father’s Day and I still haven’t gotten Bee anything for her birthday.

We do have some great ideas for gifts we might give her, so if you’re looking for gift ideas for a toddler this summer, here ya go!

Water Table

My parents and my brother’s family both have toys similar to this at their houses and my nearly 2 year old LOVES it. You can fill them with water or sand.
I’m really excited that my parent’s are getting Bee a water table for her birthday. She’s going to be so excited to have one in her own backyard!



Hubby & I are planning to give Bee this slide for her birthday next week. Slides are her absolute favorite at the playground and it will be really nice having one at home for her to use on those days when I’m just not feeling the park.


Bubble Machine

What kid doesn’t like bubbles? First, as toddlers, they’re mesmerized by the magic of these floating balls of soap water. Then, as I’m told, they get older and just wanna use them to make mud!
My daughter is still in the mesmerized phase, so this would definitely be a hit with her.


Any tricycle would be a winner, but I like this one because the seat is adjustable so it “grows” with your kid.  You can find the boy version here.


Basketball Hoop

I don’t know about your toddler, but mine loves trying to put balls, blocks and other toys through and into objects. She would really get a kick out of this basketball hoop. Bonus: like the tricycle, the hoop is also adjustable!


Little Tykes Cozy Coupe

Do you remember having one of these as a kid? I don’t, but I remember my little sister did. My inner 11 year old was a little jealous because I thought it was pretty cool!


Picnic Table

I wish I had seen this picnic table before we decided on the slide as our main gift to Bee. She would have loved to have her own little table in our yard!


Inflatable Play Center (aka Pool)

I think every kid should have a pool in the summer! I’m not a big fan of going to public pools… the kids, the parents, the noise, the food, the price. I’m taking complete advantage of my daughter’s lack of knowledge of our local pool for as long as I can! If a kiddie pool isn’t possible for you, throw balls in it instead! Then it’s an awesome play center!


Wagon & Garden Tool Set

Last summer we lived in a house with a nice sized garden area. If we still lived there this summer, this would definitely be a gift we’d give our daughter. She would have loved helping Mom out in the garden with her own tools!


Gas ‘n Go Mower

Next time Dad’s out mowing the yard, send you’re toddler out to help with this toy! Talk about some picture worthy moments!


T-Ball Set

My daughter has a mini golf club and ball that the Easter Bunny (aka my husband) insisted she get for Easter because he’s desperately hoping he won’t be stuck as the only golfer in our home forever! I really liked the idea of a t-ball set instead, but caved and said, “maybe another time”. Maybe that time should be her birthday?



I just saw this at Walmart today and was a bit disappointed that it was out of our price range. Bee would have sooo much fun bouncing on this trampoline!

 How old is your toddler? What did or do you plan to get him/her for his/her second birthday? Lemme know!

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