My 3 Month Blogaversary: Income & Progress Update


Hey, guys! Guess what?! Today marks 3 months of AFrugalDesteny being live. This is my 37th blog post!

I’m excited to be here, but slightly disappointed. I’m about to share an update with you. Last month I set goals for myself and I know I didn’t reach all of them. Plus I’m gonna fill you in on the income my blog produced. Warning: it isn’t much.

Alrighty… let’s begin with readership:


My blog received about 50 more readers this month than it did last, which isn’t horrible, but I was hoping for a better increase. My page views went down and my bounce rate went up. Both disappointments.  I may have gotten about 300 more readers this month than I did my first month, but the average reader is spending less time exploring my blog.

So, goal update. What were my goals last month? Did I achieve them?
  • Create a new freebie  —  Nope. I meant to, I really did, but I kept putting it on the back burner. The freebie I want to make is gonna be so time consuming! And I don’t even know if it will help me gain email subscribers. I spent the entire month avoiding it.
  • New pictures  —  Yep! We had an hour session with Amanda from A Coy Creations Photography and she did a wonderful job!
  • Revamp my blog!  —  Yes! I did achieve this goal. My blog is totally different now. It isn’t exactly what I’m wanting yet, but it’s a lot closer and I’m a lot happier with it. I’m hoping this new change helps with my readership next month!
  • Revamp my newsletter  —  No. I JUST finished getting my blog squared away last week. I haven’t had the chance to fix up my newsletter layout, too.
  • Twitter followers  —  Yeah! I was hoping to reach 1,000 followers by today, but I didn’t quite get there. Which is okay. I have waaayyy more followers than I did a month ago.
  • Create a better schedule  —  Sorta… I’m still struggling with it.
  • Google AdSense  —  $0.37 – Ha, I’m really rollin’ in dough, right?  Google AdSense currently controls some of the ads on my website.  I get money if you click on them.  People didn’t want to click this month, apparently!  Even though I had move visitors to my blog this month, I made a lot less than I did during my first month with AdSense. Due to my only making $0.40 off Google AdSense last month, I’ve decided to start working with a couple other ad companies this month.
  • — $0.32 – Getting rich though them, too! works with Bing & Yahoo ads. Pretty much the same thing as Google AdSense.
  • — $0.15 – Better than nothing, right?
  • Zemandi  —  $1.00 – This is a ghost writing website I started working with this month. They are currently paying me 50 cents for every 100 words I write.  It isn’t much, but I’m still in the probationary period. I have the ability to make up to $3.50 per 100 words, so last month I decided I wanted to try it out.
    I’ve put it on the back burner, too, lately for a couple reasons: I wrote the agreed upon articles but have not heard anything regarding a pay change or even being taken out of the initial probationary period & I spent a TON of time canning & selling apricot jam this month and I made a lot more money doing that than I would have through Zemandi.
  • Ibotta  —  $5 – Someone signed up for Ibotta through my website this month.  Not only did I get $5, but she got $10 just for signing up using this link!
Total income last month: $6.84  — Definitely disappointing compared to last month. I mean, I didn’t make a lot last month, either, but it was better than this month.

Now, here’s a part I’m really proud of… Social media followers!

Facebook: 175 (+46)
Twitter: 799 (+685)
Instagram: 211 (+166)
Pinterest: 213 (+110)
StumbleUpon: 8 (+2)

Do you see that huge jump on Twitter?! I’m excited about FB, too, just because I struggled there the first two months. For the last week I’ve been sending new Twitter followers to my FB & asking they like my page there, too, and I think that’s been helping me a lot.

Goals for Month #4:
  • Create that damn freebie! —  I need to stop avoiding it. I’m putting it on my to-do list for next month.
  • Revamp my newsletter  —  Definitely excited to get this done now that my website is awesome!
  • Join 6 Pinterest collaborative boards  —  Did you know you can join boards with huge followings? If the owner of the board adds you as a contributor, you can pin your own content to that board and reach a larger audience.  I just recently learned of this!
  • Reach 275 FB followers  —  I think I can achieve this if I stay on top of my Twitter following and continue sending them to my FB page.
  • 1,500 Twitter followers  —  If I keep doing what I’ve been doing, I should be able to do this!
  • Work out the kinks in my schedule  —  My “schedule” is far from great, but Hubby is happier with it than he was a month ago.
  • Learn something new every week  —  There are so many helpful blogging freebies out there, it would be stupid of me not to take advantage of it. I’m currently enrolled in Jen Snyder’s live webinar on Thursday called “7 Strategies to Grow Blog Traffic“. Jen is great and her FB group Women Winning Online is so helpful!
  • Add a disclaimer to all my posts  —  I just learned this last weekend that legally I’m obligated to inform you if I’m using affiliate links on every single post.  I didn’t know it before, but apparently having an entire page dedicated to a disclaimer isn’t good enough.

So, there you have it. We covered everything from readership to income to goals, both old & new.

My advice to those considering becoming a blogger?

Get your web hosting and domain name through Bluehost! If you’re serious about blogging and want to become a serious blogger, you need to buy your domain name and web hosting for sure. Why not go through a reputable company?

I’ve been working with them for nearly 4 months now and I have zero complaints!


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NOTE: This post contained affiliated links.

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11 thoughts on “My 3 Month Blogaversary: Income & Progress Update

  • September 10 at 2:51 am

    I love that you put your earnings out even though it’s not what you had hoped. You really encouraged me with this and no, I’m not just saying that to be kind.. really.. you helped me lots by how well you put all this together! You’re doing amazingly well for only 3 months!!! I am loving the look of your site too, will be back more often and yes, i’ll stay more than a minute 🙂

    • September 10 at 2:18 pm

      Thanks so much, Kim!! I’m glad you found this helpful!

      I’m also really excited to have connected with you and all the other ladies in The Society! Can’t wait to see where the next 3 months takes all of us!

  • September 16 at 11:43 am

    I think you are doing great! It’s so good that you are sharing your money earned even though you didn’t hit the mark. Sometimes we win, sometimes we don’t.

    A lot of bloggers just post how well they are doing without sharing the downside. It’s so refreshing to see someone who is sharing the whole story. You can be sure I’ll be back 🙂

    • September 16 at 1:32 pm

      There are wins and there are losses… I like being able to see both. My failures last month are my inspiration to work harder towards my goals next month.

      Thanks so much for visiting!

  • September 20 at 3:05 am

    I enjoyed reading your post. I would recommend you use affiliate links to the places you made your money from. I have never heard of, zamandi and was going to check them out with your links…..but there weren’t any.
    I’m also new to blogging. My site is maybe we can share some blogging tips. Look forward to reading more of your posts

    • September 20 at 10:33 am

      Thanks for the input, Shauna. It’s funny that you mention the links because I’ve been going through all my posts this week and trying to add links everywhere I can 🙂 I’ll head over and check out your site!

      • October 18 at 9:38 am

        Just saw your comment back to me 😶. Your site is awesome! Great work with the back links.

  • September 22 at 9:31 pm

    Hey, Desteny. Technically this is my fourth month, although just two on my current blog. So I’m right here with you. I’ve only made .52! My views are getting so much better, but I’m slowly researching affiliate marketing to make that work. I’m seeing your posts on Pinterest and I’ve got to say, you have a knack for some really good titles! Keep it up!

    • September 22 at 10:31 pm

      Thanks Susan! I use CoSchedulefor my headlines… if you aren’t using it, you definitely need to give it a try!! I keep brainstorming titles until I get one that is at least 75%.

  • September 25 at 12:45 am

    I love income and traffic reports! Don’t scoff at that $6.84! $5.84 of that was passive income too which is great! Silver lining.

    • September 25 at 12:50 am

      You make a good point, Amanda. I’m just glad this blog thing is heading in the right direction… even if it is a slow process 🙂

      Thanks for stopping by!


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