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It’s hard to believe, but in about 6 weeks my little Bee will turn a year old!  It’s a bittersweet realization.  On the one hand, I’m excited because this is a big milestone!  On the other, I don’t like how quickly this last year went by.  She’s just growing up too fast.

Whether I like it or not, her birthday will arrive.  I’ve never been one for big birthday parties and I have honestly never understood why parents throw huge 1st birthday parties for their kids.  I mean, it’s not like she’s going to remember her birthday…

Now that it’s my turn to decide what to do for my own daughter’s first birthday, I still don’t see the point in doing something big.  I think we will celebrate it at home, just the three of us.  Currently we plan on going camping the weekend prior to her birthday and maybe inviting some people over for a BBQ the weekend after.

Although we have no plans for a huge birthday bash, there are still some things I’d like to do.  I want to take 1 year pictures of her, preferably with a cake smash.  And I want some decorations and a birthday theme.  Even though we won’t be having guests, I would still like to make things fun and festive.

I’ve mentioned before that Bee’s bedroom theme is butterflies, so I’d like to use that theme for her birthday and pictures, too.  It’s hard to find butterfly birthday themed crafts and recipes though!  I’ve been searching high and low.  Most of what I’m finding are purchasable items from Etsy or similar sites.  Kind of disappointing when money is tight and you really want to make your own stuff!

I have found a few DIY projects so far, though, and I’m going to share them with you.  Here are my ten favorite butterfly themed birthday ideas so far!

1 – Butterfly Cake recipe from Betty Crocker
There are a few different butterfly cake tutorials floating around out there on the interweb, but this one is my favorite.  They even have a 5 minute long video showing you the steps to making this awesome cake.

2 – Butterfly Footprints from Reality Day Dream
I can’t believe I never considered doing this… I think I’m going to have to now!  Use colors to match Bee’s birthday theme and after her birthday I can hang it in her room as wall art.

3 – Tissue Paper Birthday Number from The Bajan Texan
Now, I know this isn’t butterfly themed, but I think it could definitely match any birthday theme.  Change the colors up a bit to match what you’ve got going on and it could be perfect!

4 – Butterfly Birthday Chalkboard from Etsy
I love the birthday chalkboard idea! And I know there are tutorials for these all over the internet, but this chalkboard would fit Bee’s birthday theme so well!  If I can find the money, I’m going to buy it!

5 – Butterfly Cupcakes from Who Needs A Cape
These are way too cute.  Honestly, I haven’t decided whether to do a cake or just cupcakes for Bee’s birthday.  If we go with cupcakes, I think this will be my inspiration.

6 – Butterfly Chinese Paper Lantern from Lil Blue Boo
Ashley over at Lil Blue Boo doesn’t share a tutorial for these beautiful lanterns, but she does say you can buy the lantern and butterflies on eBay.  A little glue and I’m sure you can throw these together pretty easily!

7 – No Sew Plastic Tablecloth Streamer from Grosgrain Fab
They originally got the idea from a different blog, but I love the colors they chose for theirs!  I think it would be a great background idea for Bee’s birthday pictures…

8 – DIY Butterfly Birthday Card from Cathy’s Card Spot
If I had any confidence at all in my card creating abilities, I’d make this for Bee.  Never before have I made a card, so this probably wont be happening.  But it’s nice to think about how great it would be to make something like this and save it for Bee until she’s an adult.

9 – Butterfly Egg Carton Garland from I Heart Arts N Crafts
I’d have to change the colors, but this would be a great little project for Bee’s birthday!

10 – Butterfly High Chair from My Anchor, My Home
I was just thinking about how Bee’s high chair isn’t even close to butterfly themed.  It’s blue and green with elephants!  If I could cover it up with a pillowcase or sheet and then add stuff to it like they did here, I could make it match!

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