5 of the Greatest Cleaning Hacks on the Internet

I'm a huge fan of hacks, especially if they make cleaning my house easier! Check out my 5 favorite cleaning hacks!

I’m a big fan of life hacks. Seriously. I think they are super neat. I could read posts or watch videos about life hacks all day long. I’ve been known to search for them simply out of boredom!

Do I ever use the life hacks I find online? Usually not. But they are still really awesome to learn about!

When it comes to cleaning hacks, the story is slightly different. I’ve tried a TON of cleaning hacks. They are all over Pinterest and every hack I see, I try to use. I love simplifying my cleaning experience or finding a more efficient way to clean.

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I was thinking about creating a round up of all the different hacks and tips I’ve tried, but that would be a really long list! Instead I decided to share my 5 favorite hacks with all of my awesome readers.

So, here ya go:


Use vinegar to clean your microwave

This is the only way I clean my microwave now. I discovered this trick years ago and Jessi over at Practically Functional does a great job of explaining how it’s done!

Use this trick to get all the urine when you clean!

My life was forever changed last year when I discovered Anna’s trick to really clean your toilet. I highly recommend you head over to her blog, Ask Anna, and check it out!

A super simple way to clean your mattress

Head over to Mom 4 Real and see how Jessica cleans and deodorizes her mattresses naturally.

Cleaning lampshades has never been easier!

I always hate how gross a lampshade gets. They’re really hard to clean and every time I try, I just feel like I’m making the situation worse.
Well not anymore! I’m so glad I found this awesome tip from Erin at Lemons, Lavender and Laundry.

An inexpensive way to clean a glass top range!

Until a little over a year ago, I’d never even used a glass top oven, let alone owned one. I have one now and I really, really hate how hard it is to clean!
I’ve started taking the advice of Britni at Happy Mama Tales¬†and cleaning it this way! It’s a life saver!

Are there any awesome cleaning hacks out there that you use? As I already said, I’m always game to try a new cleaning technique!

2 thoughts on “5 of the Greatest Cleaning Hacks on the Internet

  • May 1 at 9:51 pm

    The lint roller is great for soft-toys, too – particularly felty-textured ones and those with short fur!

    • May 2 at 8:48 am

      Oh, great idea! I’ll definitely have to try it. Thanks you for sharing!


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