Happy 2nd Birthday: An Open Letter to My Daughter

It's crazy just how quickly time flies by when you're a parent. Even crazier how much our kids change every year.My Dearest Bee,

One week ago you turned two years old. Today I went back and read the letter I wrote to you last year for your birthday and was astonished by all I had forgotten. I’d forgotten that you used to think your dad was the coolest guy around and that it took you about a year to learn how to roll from your back to your belly. I even forgot that it wasn’t until a couple weeks after your first birthday that you took your first steps.

With all the craziness life has brought us during this last year, I hadn’t noticed just how much you’ve changed.

You speak so well for your age. A couple of weeks ago I sat down and tried to count all the words you can say and gave up when I reached 125. You are goofy and full of character, a lot of the funny things you do remind me of your dad. He loves making people laugh.

You have a bit of a temper and you’re a pretty stubborn little girl. I feel like I see myself in you when you have those moments. I remember telling your daddy that you were going to be prone to issues with anger (much like me) when you were just 3 or 4 months old. At first he said you were too young for me to tell, now it’s much more visible.

You still think Dad is awesome, but you think I’m pretty great now, too. In new situations and around strangers, you cling to me. The only fears you seem to have are of new people and cars. The car fear is kinda cute, you love our vehicles but become terrified when you see any other vehicle driving down the street and run to me. It’s understandable… those things are huge compared to you!

About 6 months ago we had to re-home Thor, but you barely noticed. You asked about him for a day, then he was history. Goliath is still around and you always want him with you. You won’t go outside to play without him and you try to whistle to call him to you. If he goes into your bedroom, you get extremely excited and then lock the two of you in there to play with toys together. “Goliath” isn’t what you call him. To you he is “Golf”.

You aren’t an overly picky eater, you enjoy a lot of foods. Although I try to make sure you eat a wide variety of foods, some of your favorites are mac n’ cheese, hot dogs, chicken, watermelon and cheese. You’re favorite items are Blankie (you can’t sleep without it!), Snowman and Baby (they join you in bed, too). You are developing a fondness to the stuffed Care Bear you picked out with your birthday money last week. She may become your new favorite.

The crib that you slept in a year ago was recently converted into a toddler bed. A couple of months ago you discovered you could climb onto the attached changing table and just fall off of it to get to your toys. It definitely wasn’t safe and I made the switch right away. The toddler bed makes life a little more difficult, you like to sneak out and play with your toys and look at your books. Sometimes you’ll end up falling asleep on the floor, right next to the door, and I have to try to squeeze into your room without letting the door wake you so that I can transfer you back into your bed.

We have been working on potty training, but it’s been a roller coaster ride. Some days you do amazing and have no accidents. Other days seem like they will never end because they are filled with accidents and tears. A lot of it is my fault and I know it. There are days when I really can’t handle being cooped up in the house anymore and I end up putting you in a situation where there isn’t a potty readily available. Then it’s like we have to start all over again. The days that follow are always tough in the potty training department.

I’d be lying if I said I don’t think back to the days before you and miss them. Miss who your dad and I were, where we were, and what we were doing. Our lives have changes so much since you came along and, although I miss the past, I can’t imagine not having you in my life. You are my favorite person, I love you more than I’ve ever loved another human being. Between you and me, I hope that never changes.

Happy belated birthday, Bee. I can’t wait to see how much you change over the next year.

All my love,


One thought on “Happy 2nd Birthday: An Open Letter to My Daughter

  • September 5 at 8:52 pm

    Bee sounds like a sweetheart, Happy Birthday to her! My twin niece and nephew are turning one this month (first of their generation in our family); I don’t see them nearly enough, and I can’t believe how fast they’re growing! I hope that all of these young’ins grow up knowing how much they are loved and how much they are capable of.


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