Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Country Boy

I think it's safe to say that the average country boy isn't overly sentimental or mushy! But isn't that what Valentine's Day is all about? This year you could get him something romantic (that makes him roll his eyes!) or you could get him one of these awesome gifts that he'll be sure to love!

I think it’s safe to say that the majority of people believe that Valentine’s Day is a woman’s holiday. It’s romantic, it’s mushy, the color pink is everywhere.

That may be the general consensus, but I disagree. To be fair, I think Valentine’s Day is a stupid holiday to begin with. Hubby & I don’t really celebrate it, we usually use it as an excuse to do something we really want to do, but have been putting off doing. Like 2 years ago when I was pregnant with Bee and we spent all day fishing on the Snake River!

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Although I’m not a big fan of doing anything super romantic or giving gifts on February 14th, I know I’m the minority! I believe it’s safe to say that the majority of the population celebrates Valentine’s Day in a traditional fashion. Where women expect to be treated to something romantic, say a nice dinner or some sappy chick flick, and men simply oblige.

I suppose not all men consider it an obligation, but a lot of them do. If you’re man thoroughly enjoys doing something super romantic on Valentine’s Day, there’s a very good chance he also cries when he watches The Notebook and doesn’t know his way around the abdominal cavity of a deer. That kind of  guy is a metro-sexual, not a real man, and this list isn’t for you!

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Now, if you’re still reading this, then you’re probably like me in the sense that you don’t think Valentine’s Day is just for the gals and you want to do something special for your man. I’m also gonna guess he fits my above criteria when it comes to what a “real man” is. It’s likely you consider him a rough, rugged man’s man who isn’t into the sappy crap that comes with Valentine’s Day.

So what do you get a guy like that? Given it’s Valentine’s Day, you probably want it to be at least a little romantic, but not so romantic that he rolls his eyes when he opens it!

Here are some ideas to help you figure out what a guy like this would love to receive for this grossly romantic holiday!


Card Games

There are a lot of great 2+ player card games out there that most guys would enjoy playing! Like 5 Crowns and Phase 10. When he sees what you’ve given him, he won’t think it’s super romantic, but in an odd way it sort of is. You can pick up a bottle of wine and a 6 pack of his favorite beer and celebrate Valentine’s Day with a little card game date night at your dining room table!

Movie Night!

You don’t have to go out to the movies to enjoy a movie night. Personally, I have always preferred watching movies at home! I’m always more comfortable on my own couch than I am in a theater chair, plus I don’t have to listen to all those annoying movie goers when I’m in my own house.
Consider avoiding the chick flicks and renting/buying something you can both enjoy. Personally, I’m a big fan of Deadpool (and other movies like it) and I’ve yet to meet a man who didn’t feel the same way!


It may not sound very romantic to you, but if he loves the outdoors, he’ll love a new tent! For us, our tent is like our home away from home and we both have a soft spot for it.
Assuming the weather is good, I don’t participate in the assembling of the tent when we’re camping. That’s been deemed a “man’s job”. I know Hubby definitely prefers the quick set up instant tents to the old school version. They really do save you a ton of time!

Bedside Holster

There are few things that can make you feel safe quite as much as knowing that the guy your laying next to can quickly protect you if an intruder breaks in. This bedside holster helps him do just that. It keeps his handgun safely and securely by his side all night long.
Personally, I’m not comfortable having something like this when I also have an 18 month old in the house, but one day, when Bee is older, I’ll definitely be gifting this to my husband.

Urban Carry G2 Holster

I’m including this holster for the same reason I have the bedside holster on this list!
Hubby owns this concealed holster and he loves it. Plus I love knowing that if something crazy happens when we’re at the mall or grocery store, he has a firearm comfortable concealed on his body.

YETI Roadie

I’m not even a man and I’d love to receive a YETI for Valentine’s Day!
It’s a top of the line ice chest (with a top of the line price tag…) and everyone I’ve met that owns one absolutely loves them. I’m sure your man would, too!

 Columbia River Knife & Tool Ken Onion Skinning Knife

I highly recommend this knife. It makes skinning a deer so easy.
Plus, don’t you think a gift that helps him process food for you to later consume is romantic?!

Whiskey Rocks

If you’re man is a whiskey fan (and there’s a good chance he is if you’re still reading this list!), whiskey rocks make for a great gift.
Throw in some whiskey glasses and his favorite bottle… talk about the perfect evening!

 Would any of these ideas make for good gifts for your country boy?

7 thoughts on “Great Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Your Country Boy

  • January 14 at 10:22 am

    GREAT gift ideas.!! About time another woman out there understands Valentines Day shouldn’t be just about the guy giving his lady something. My hubby & I don’t celebrate the holiday, because for 28 years now everyday, for us, is Valentines day .

  • January 16 at 9:44 am

    These are some great gift ideas–keep them coming! I always struggle to know what to buy for my hubby.

  • January 16 at 9:57 am

    Valentine’s Day is a big hyped expensive day. It’s nice if you can celebrate it, but isn’t always affordable. You are right it’s slanted toward women. And it does exclude those who dont have someone special in their life. We usually aren’t real lavish with it. I think it’s kind of neat though when a dad does a little something for his daughter on it like my husband has done for ours.

  • January 18 at 8:06 am

    Great gift ideas! I’ve actually purchased similar whiskey rocks for my husband in the past as a stocking stuffer for Christmas and he loved them!

  • January 20 at 6:51 am

    I’ve seriously considered the YETI as a gift…if only it weren’t so pricey!

  • January 25 at 3:51 am

    Your description of what a real man ISN’T made me cringe and laugh out loud! Hubby and I are similar in that we don’t particularly do Valentine’s. It’s one of those holidays that’s more of a luxury, for people who have the money and time-off to celebrate. Which we usually don’t. Right up there with St. Patrick’s Day and New Year’s Eve (yes, shocker, I know). I do like buying some discount candy afterwards though 🙂

  • February 3 at 12:10 am

    Oh, this is wonderful!! My husband isn’t necessarily a country boy, but we definitely love being outside – he would LOVE a tent!! Thanks for the unique suggestions! <3


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