20 of the Best Gifts for Your Toddler’s Easter Basket

Easter is about a month away and I’m excited! Bee turns 2 in July, so this Easter will be tons of fun.

Although we’re moving back to our hometown and we’ll be surrounded by family, we plan to spend Easter at home, just us. It may not be conventional, but neither are my views regarding Easter. Just like Christmas, for us, Easter isn’t about Jesus. It’s about eggs, candy and welcoming spring and all its beautiful colors!

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Last year Bee’s Easter basket had a couple onsies, some Gerber snacks, a toy and a stuffed animal. I was able to score a Fisher Price swing without touching our bank account thanks to Swagbucks, so she received that as well.

This year we’d like to do the same basic thing, except there will be plastic eggs filled with candy for her to find, too! Her basket will likely be larger and Hubby really wants to get her a set of plastic golf clubs, as well.

No matter how you celebrate the holiday, the Easter Bunny will more than likely be bringing you’re little one a basket. Do you know what kind gifts will be in it? There are tons of options out there, but here are 20 of my favorite gift ideas, none of which are food/candy!

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From toys to books, clothes to bubbles and everything in between, the Easter Bunny has tons of options! I thought I might be able to help him out a little this year, though, so I compiled this list. I hope he likes these ideas as much as I do!

Some of these items are for outdoor use, while others are better used inside the home. I recommend choosing a little bit of both (unless you know for sure what you’re weather will be like). Normally, living in the Pacific Northwest, I rarely get to experience an Easter with nice weather, but stranger things have happened, so I’m keeping an open mind!

I hope you have a great Easter, no matter how you spend it. Good luck!

Play-Doh Spring Easter Eggs

Every kid loves Play-Doh. This is perfect for your toddler’s Easter basket!


Haktoys Dinosaur Bubble Gun

After a long winter indoors, there’s nothing that I look forward to more than pleasant spring weather. I don’t know about your toddler, but mine loves being outside more than me! She’s obsessed with it. This year I’ll introduce her to bubbles and I already know they will blow her mind!


Stuffed Bunny Rabbit

Simple. Festive. Soft. Adorable.
There’s nothing wrong with giving your toddler a stuffed animal as a gift, especially since little ones seem to be drawn to them! A bunny is perfect for Easter!


Musical Duck

This little guy is so cute! He waddles and rolls, lights up and plays music. Surely a hit with your toddler.


Crayola Glitter Sidewalk Chalk

With the onset of spring, there’s nothing I look forward to than nice weather. So why not give them something they can use on a beautiful spring morning?


Magnet Boat Bath Toys

What kid doesn’t love bath toys? These boats are magnetic and sure to be a bath time hit!


Fisher-Price Learning Lantern

I think this toy is very neat. Not only does it light up, it teaches letters, numbers, greetings, opposites, and animals!


Egg Laying Duck

When I think of Easter, chicks, ducks, and bunnies all come to mind. That’s what makes this toy a great Easter gift idea!


Hide & Squeak Eggs

Not only is it festive, but your toddler will love discovering that there are eggs inside of eggs with this toy!


Pick Up Snakes

It’s Pick Up Sticks with snakes! Your toddler may not be old enough to learn the game yet, but he’ll probably get a kick out of the snakes until he’s a little older and can learn how the game is played.


VTech Go! Go! Smart Cars

The Go! Go! Smart Cars come it lots of shapes and colors. If your child already has one of the playsets they are made for, that’s great! If not, don’t worry because my daughter has this playset and she almost never uses it! She just loves the cat that came with it (that’s just like┬áthe cars)!


It’s Not Easy Being a Bunny

Books are always good gift ideas for little ones. I’m not sure about your kid, but mine loves all of her Dr. Seuss books. This book just might make it’s way into her basket this Easter.


Nuby Octopus Bath Toy

Bee received this for her first birthday and still absolutely loves it. I’m sure your toddler will, too!


Munchkins Swimming Penguin Bath Toy

A very inexpensive idea, but Bee has it and it’s still a hit with her. Sometimes the cheapest toys are the most entertaining!


LeapFrog Learning Lights Remote

This remote is Bee’s absolute favorite vehicle toy. She loves playing with it on long drives! There’s a green Scout version, too, that you can find here.


Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Phone

I haven’t purchased this for Bee, but I’m sure it would be a hit just like the remote!


Gardening Tool Set

If you spend any time in your garden, I’m sure your child would love to help you with these plastic garden tools.


Toddler Golf Set

These plastic golf clubs are the kind of clubs Hubby insists the bunny bring for Bee this year. He has this dream that one day, either she or I will start golfing with him.
I’m sure she’ll love this gift because she loves doing everything we do and always wants to help Daddy swing his golf club in our backyard.


Pro-Ball Miniature Ball Set

Kids can’t hold normal sized sports balls! That’s why they make miniature ones like these!


Plush Toy Filled Jumbo Easter Eggs

These would fit perfectly in an Easter basket and, since toddlers love stuffed animals, this is sure to be a much-loved gift.


So there you have it. 20 great Easter gift ideas! What will your kid find in his basket this Easter?

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  • March 16 at 7:05 pm

    what a great list I love that each one of the items on the list is something that will help our children learn. Thanks so much for sharing.


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