30 Awesome & FREE Resources for New Bloggers

If you’re new to blogging, you probably don’t want to spend a fortune right away on fancy courses and books.

While today I wholeheartedly believe that paying to learn as much as you can as early as you can is the best route to go, I didn’t feel that way when I started this blog.

It took a lot of digging to find all of the best free information I could.

Note: This post contains affiliate links.

This process was time-consuming and would have been much faster (and easier) had I just spent a few hundred dollars to have someone teach me all that info.

I didn’t know if my blog would be successful, though, and I was a stay-at-home mom. I had more time than I did money (or so I thought).

Today, what ended up being a huge inconvenience for me is going to benefit you.

I’ve gone through all of my downloads, reviewed all of my bookmarked websites, and looked at all of the “learning how to blog” stuff I’ve saved on Pinterest since I began blogging. Now I’m going to share all of the best FREE stuff I found with you!

Start Your Blog in 5 Simple Steps

If you haven’t created your blog yet, this post will explain exactly how to do it in 5 steps. Complete with screenshots and helpful tips!


Create a Logo Using Canva

Every blog needs a logo, right? I don’t know about you, but I don’t really like the idea of forking out a ton of money to have someone design a logo for a blog that I’m not even sure will succeed and be successful!

That’s where Canva (and this super helpful post) comes in.

Abby over at The Virtual Savvy explains all the steps you need to take to create a beautiful logo in Canva!


How to Use Canva to Create a Pinnable Image

Learn how to make an attractive, attention-grabbing Pinterest graphic! The ladies over at The Sway break it all down and make creating these graphics look super easy.


How to Overcome Writer’s Block as a Blogger

If you’ve been blogging for any amount of time, you’ve most likely experienced writer’s block.

This post will help you find a way to overcome writer’s block and get back into the rhythm of writing regularly again.


Some of the Best Pinterest Group Boards

I’m going to assume you already know that Pinterest is a huge platform for most bloggers. I don’t know how many times I’ve heard “Pinterest sends me almost all of my traffic!”

Pinterest is definitely amazing when it comes to spreading awareness about your blog, but did you know that group boards play a huge roll in this?

Sadly, it took me months to realize this. Once I jumped into the world of Pinterest group boards, my traffic increased by 300% in the first day.

In this post, I share a few generic group boards that are currently open for bloggers to join, plus links to my own open group boards.


How to Make Money as a Frugal Living Blogger

Specifically for those trying to figure out how to make money while teaching their readers how to save money and live more frugally.

It can be a daunting task. Your readers aren’t planning to pay you for anything. They’re just looking for ways to save money or make money from home.

Check out this post for tips and pointers to help you monetize your blog when your target audience has a tight budget.


10 Ridiculous Myths About Blogging

Don’t believe everything you hear from your friends or read online!

Have you ever been told that you can’t be a successful blogger because you aren’t an amazing writer? Have you read that blogging is a way to get rich quick?

Neither of those myths is true, nor are 8 others listed in this post.

If you’re new to the blogging scene, knowing the facts about common blogging myths is important. You should definitely check this post out.


How to Handle Negative Feedback as a Blogger

I’ve been bombarded by negative feedback since I started this blog. Comments have ranged from people disagreeing with my opinion to someone actually leaving a comments telling me they hope I die a painful death in the near future.

I have definitely ruffled some feathers and I’ve taken those experiences and written a post about it.

In How to Handle Negative Feedback as a Blogger, I explain to why those angry comments can be a good thing and how you can move beyond them and avoid letting them have a real impact on you.


Marketing Freebie Ideas: 10 Awesome Blog Opt-In Ideas

Growing your email list is important, but if you aren’t offering people something special in return, you likely won’t get many email addresses.

You need an awesome opt-in. Something people need to get their hands on. Figuring out what kind of opt-in you should create can be a daunting task, though.

That’s where this post can help you. Rachel offers some great ideas, as well as an opt-in of her very own filled with videos and worksheets to help her fellow female bloggers.


Headline Hacks

Having a good headling is important.

This ebook contains 52 tips to help you create amazing, eye-catching headlines for every single blog post you write.


Blog Traffic Bonus Guide

I think every blogger, no matter how long they’ve been blogging or how successful they are, wants to increase their traffic.

Blog Traffic Bonus Guide is ideal for the newbie blogger, giving them the basic information needed to start increasing traffic to their blog immediately.


101 Free Website Traffic Ideas

While it may list 101 ways to increase your traffic, this ebook doesn’t go too in depth about how to implement the tactics listed.

I think reading this is a great starting point, though. I’ve been blogging for nearly two years and there are a few things listed that I never even thought about doing!


The Secret Blueprint for Blogging Success

Who doesn’t want to know the formula for creating a successful blog?

If there’s a secret blueprint of some kind, I can guarantee you that the writer of this book, Ruth Soukup, knows it.

She’s the creator of the amazing and highly talked about course Elite Blogging Academy. A course that basically guarantees it will turn you into a successful blogger.


How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul

Aside from blog posts, this was the very first thing I ever really read about blogging.

I hadn’t started my blog yet, but I was definitely thinking about starting one. A lot.

I learned about Elite Blog Academy by Ruth Soukup from some blogger and I had to check it out.

Turns out Elite Blog Academy wasn’t open at that time (Ruth only opens the doors to this course once a year) and I couldn’t really afford it, anyway.

I did find a whole bunch of books written by her that talk about blogging. I pulled the trigger and bought one. The book I chose was How to Blog for Profit Without Selling Your Soul.

That was over two years ago and I still think back to things Ruth said in her book regularly.

Just so you know, even though I purchased a paperback copy of the book (because I’m not a big fan of digital books), you can get a free Kindle copy on Amazon.


Mini Picmonkey Tutorial

I don’t use Picmonkey much, but a lot of bloggers do.

This course will teach you how to use Picmonkey to create images that will help boost your blog’s traffic.


Pinterest Primer

I’ve signed up for this course, but have yet to take it.

This course will teach you the tactics McKinzie Bean from Moms Make Sense used to take a brand new blog from 0-20k page views a month in 3 months using Pinterest.

In case you aren’t fully convinced, not only did her traffic increase drastically, by the time her blog was 90 days old, it had made over $2,000.


Strong Brand Mini Course

Struggling to create a brand that stands out and attracts your target audience? Take this course!

You’re competing with a lot of other blogs. Your blog needs to leave a lasting impression on your visitors. The best way to make that happen: having a blog that really resonates with people.

Allison Marshall from Wonderlass has done this perfectly. Now you can learn how you, too, can do the exact same thing!


Instagram Authority

Honestly, I haven’t really tried to grow my IG following.

Not only do I really dislike it as a form of social media, I’m horrible at interacting with people and my hashtag game is pretty bad.

Lots of people swear that IG is one of the most important forms of social media to grow, though. This course will definitely help you improve your influence on Instagram!


Co-Schedule’s Headline Analyzer

I use this tool every time I create a new blog post or product.

Having a catchy title is so important! It’s the first thing your readers see. The title is a huge factor when a person is deciding whether or not to read what you are offering them.

The Headline Analyzer will help you create the perfect title for your posts. Just type in what you think you want the title to be and it’ll tell you how catchy it is.

It breaks down your title and gives you a “likeliness people will click on it” sort of rating. Anything about 70% is pretty good.


Google Analytics

GA is an absolute necessity for every blogger. It tracks every visitor to your blog and gives you extremely accurate stats regarding your website.

You can learn tons of stuff about your visitors just by registering your blog with GA. The insights include, but are not limited to, the following information:

  • How many people visited your blog on any given day.
  • What your bounce rate is.
  • Where your visitors are from.
  • Which of your posts are most visited by your readers.
  • How much time the average visitor spends on your blog.
  • Where your traffic is coming from.

If you already know about the Jetpack plugin in WordPress, you may be asking yourself why GA is necessary. Jetpack tracks all of this stuff, too, right?

While you can find some of the same information in Jetpack, GA’s stats are much more accurate and in-depth. Not only that, any company you want to work with that asks for your stats wants to know what GA has to say. They don’t care about Jetpack.

It’s best to set GA up as soon as possible if you plan to monetize your blog.



I’d like to start by saying that yes, Tailwind does cost money to use. However, you can test it out before deciding to purchase it by taking advantage of their free 100 pin trial.

They let you publish your first 100 Pinterest pins and/or 30 Instagram posts for free.

I tried the free trial and honestly wasn’t impressed at first. It took me a while to figure out how Tailwind worked, but I did begin to see my Pinterest reach improve.

I decided to pull the trigger and sign up. It cost $120 for a one-year Tailwind membership and now, over a month later, I couldn’t be happier.

Tailwind allows you to choose how often you want to share things on Pinterest and IG every day. You can schedule as far out as you want and choose to post as often as you want on both platforms.

Tailwind also looks at your Pinterest and IG stats and recommends time slots based on when your audience is active and most likely to engage with whatever it is you’re sharing.

In the past, I haven’t been great at keeping up with my IG posts. In all honesty, I’m not a big fan of Instagram (which sucks because my target audience loves IG). I tried using Tailwind to schedule one post a day and, even at that rate, I saw an immediate improvement in the engagement I received on pictures.

If Tailwind didn’t offer IG services, I wouldn’t care at all. I’d still use it. Pinterest is my favorite social media platform and Tailwind makes pinning so easy. My reach has increased drastically, too. Since beginning my Tailwind trial three months ago, I’ve seen a 400% increase in my monthly Pinterest reach (and it was at nearly 100k with manual pinning alone prior to Tailwind).

I highly recommend trying Tailwind for free and seeing if it’s right for you.



I make nearly all of my blog graphics in Canva, as do many other bloggers.

Canva makes things simple with their premade templates. Need to create a Pinterest graphic? Easy, just click on the Pinterest option! Same goes for banners, headers, logos, Facebook posts, even menus, and brochures! Although, I’m not sure I’ll ever need to use Canva to create a menu.

Once you’ve decided what you want to create, you can choose from their premade layouts or create something entirely by yourself.

Free text, free pictures, free illustrations. Creating something amazing isn’t difficult at all.

They do, however, offer the “Canva for Work” option. You can try it for free for the first month!

With Canva for Work, you can create your own go-to templates and save your brand’s colors, logo, and fonts. It makes it extremely easy to ensure consistency in everything you create for your blog.

Canva for Work also allows you access to more free pictures and illustrations than what you get as a normal user.

Head over here to activate your free Canva for Work trial today!



I wish I would have known about this tool when I first started my blog!

Coolers will help you create an awesome color scheme for your brand. You can have them create combinations using random colors or choose a color or two you really love and it will generate other colors that work well with the colors you chose.



Using Grammarly is not nearly as good as hiring a real editor, but it’s a great tool for new bloggers looking for a little free help.

Once you install Grammarly into your browser, it checks the grammar of everything you type. From blog posts to Facebook updates!

Proper grammar is important in the world of blogging. I can’t tell you how many times I have left a blog because the writer’s grammar has been horrible.

If your goal is to keep readers around rather than running them off, you definitely need Grammarly.



Building your email list is important. The email addresses you collect are the only thing you really own. Social media algorithms change, your accounts can be disabled or deleted. Only you can touch your email list, though.

The first step to building an email subscriber list is to register with a website that helps you keep track of everyone who signs up and send newsletters to them.

Mailerlite is a great option and is totally free for your first 1,000 subscribers!




This is my favorite website to find free images for my blog!


Free Images

It may not be my favorite, but it’s another good resource.



This website has all kinds of great stock photos!



I’ve found some really great images on this site.


Styled Stock

This website contains a collection of free feminine stock photos.



I know you didn’t come here looking to spend money, but if you’re considering the idea, I highly recommend looking into these two resources:


Finding Your Tribe Online

This seemed like a huge investment to me when I pulled the trigger and bought it.

I was a skeptic initially, but due to the fact that Jen at Women Winning Online was super helpful during my first few months of blogging, I decided to give it a try.

I wasn’t disappointed! My traffic tripled after just ONE DAY of implementing the tactics Jen teaches! Plus, the Facebook group you can join after purchasing this is great. It’s full of wonderful women who have been nothing but helpful!


Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing

I’m pretty sure most bloggers have heard of this course before.

I highly recommend it to all new bloggers who are looking to monetize their blog. It contains so much valuable information!

Admittedly, most of the info contained in this course can be found for free online. However, it would take a LOT of time to figure it all out without this course.

I didn’t purchase Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing until I’d been blogging for over a year and was already making money through affiliate links. Most of the information this course contains is what took me the better part of a year to learn. I really wish I would have spent money on this course at the very beginning of my blogging journey. I’m sure it would have made monetizing this blog a lot easier (and faster) than it was!

Are you a new blogger? Have you taken advantage of any of these free resources?

Is my selection too much to review in one sitting? Pin it for later review!

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