You’ll Love These Adorable & Affordable Easter Decorations!

I’ve never been a big fan of Easter decorations. Or even the holiday, to be completely honest.

Prior to the birth of my daughter, I just didn’t see the point in celebrating it. I’m not a religious person, to the resurrection of Christ means nothing to me. I’m not a little kid, so the Easter Bunny doesn’t excite me anymore.

As an adult, all Easter has every really meant to me is that spring has (basically) arrived.

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Once Bee came into our lives, we started celebrating Easter. Hubby and I hadn’t done such a thing since we were kids!

On her first Easter, we just threw together a small basket and got her a swing for our backyard.

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For her second Easter, we did the basket thing again and hid Easter eggs for her to find. It was actually pretty fun. Once she understood what was going on, she loved looking for the eggs!

This year we’ll celebrate her third Easter and I’m planning to purchase some decorations to make our house a little more festive.

Normally, I’d buy holiday decorations the day after the holiday, but since I’ve never really been a big Easter celebrator, I didn’t think to do that last year!

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I may not be able to get severely discounted Easter decorations prior to this Easter, but I can buy affordable, adorable Easter decorations online!

Here are a few of my favorite Easter decoration finds:


“Spring” Bunny Tabletop Decoration

I think this is super cute! The bunny and the pastel eggs spelling out “spring”. It doesn’t get much more festive than this.



Easter Candy Jar

These might be the most adorable candy jars I have ever seen. I like the bunny more than the duck. How about you?


Happy Easter Pillow Case Covers

Honestly, until now I had never considered Easter themed pillows! I mean, I have them for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Why not Easter, too?



Easter Bunny & Eggs Table Runner

So many exciting colors going on here! And the bunnies are adorable, aren’t they?


“Happy Easter” Wooden Bunny Sign

This is a simple, yet adorable, Easter decoration!


Bunny Tabletop Sign

I really love the coloring of this tabletop Easter decoration!



Gray Glittery Easter Bunny Figurines

This comes with all four glittery bunnies. They’d make a cute addition to your mantel or bookshelf.


Hand Painted Easter Bunnies

I find these bunnies comical. They aren’t the same style as your “traditional” Easter bunny, which makes for a nice change of pace.


Ceramic Bunny Cupcake Stand

This would be so awesome at Easter dinner! You could use it to hold a variety of foods, not just cupcakes.


Juvale Bunny Rabbit Decoration

Although I wouldn’t purchase this item myself, I think it’s definitely cute! The price isn’t bad, either.


“He Lives” Tabletop Sign

Another decoration I wouldn’t purchase, but it’s a good price and may be appealing to those of you who celebrate the Biblical meaning of Easter.


Lighted Easter Egg Floral Tree

I am in love with this Easter tree! It stands just 24″ tall. Perfect as a centerpiece or tabletop decoration!



Eggstra Special “Happy Easter” Hanging Sign

Bright, fun, and festive. It would definitely look great on your living room wall!



Eggstra Special Bunny Hanging Sign

This adorable, sparkly bunny wants to spend Easter at your house!


“Happy Easter” Glitter Hanging Sign

I just had a thought. There are so many different hanging signs, I could easily get one for every door in my house!


“Happy Easter” Wooden Hanging Plaque¬†

I think this one is really nice. It’s made of wood, rather than plastic like most of these. Definitely an Easter decoration that will last over the years.


“Happy Easter” Burlap Hanging Sign

This is the most expensive sign on the list, but hey! It’s made of burlap!
I could see myself hanging this decoration on my front door in place of a wreath.


“Easter Blessings” Hanging Wall Sign

For those of my readers who celebrate the religious meaning of Easter.


Easter Swirl Decorations

I can only imagine how much my daughter would enjoy this Easter decoration. Bunnies and eggs hanging from the ceiling? What’s not to like?!


Rustic Rabbit Burlap Garland

Wouldn’t this look great hanging from your fireplace mantel?

Easter Bunny Outdoor Decorations

Before today, I honestly had no idea that places sold Easter decorations for your yard! Just like Christmas yard decor!
There are even blow-up bunnies and stuff, but those are pretty spendy compared to these little guys.


Easter Egg Outdoor Decorations

Definitely not the fanciest outdoor Easter decorations I’ve seen, but these eggs are cute and they won’t break the bank.


Easter Sidewalk Sign

Place these signs along the path leading to your front door! Any kids that might visit your house around Easter will love them.

Do you decorate for Easter? Which of these Easter decorations is your favorite? 

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