Adorable and Affordable Spring Outfits for Your Preschool Daughter

Don’t you just love buying new seasonal clothes for your daughter?

I definitely do. Not that I can always afford it and not that it’s always practical, but I still enjoy doing it when I can.

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Shopping for preschool-aged kids can be tricky, can’t it? It seems like my daughter’s size varies from brand to brand.

She might wear a 4T in one brand, but she’s wearing a girl’s 5 in another. It can be pretty frustrating.

Luckily, if you have Amazon Prime, there’s the option of Prime Wardrobe.

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What is Prime Wardrobe? It’s this awesome feature that allows you to purchase clothes, try them on in your own home, and decide if you like them or not all before you pay for them!

If ya don’t like any of the clothing, no problem. Just start a return!

If you do like the clothes they sent you, awesome sauce! You’ll be charged for them 7 days after your purchase.

It’s basically revolutionary. It makes buying clothing for my entire family without ever leaving my house that much easier.

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Anyway, back to the whole affordable spring outfits for preschool girls thing.

Here are 20 of the cutest and best prices spring outfits Amazon has for your daughter.

Purple Ruffle Outfit 

When I think of spring, I generally imagine pastels and flowers.
This outfit may be a bit off in color, but at least there are some flowers in the print! Not to mention the legs are super cute.


Sleeveless Flower Print Dress

To me, this blue and pink floral print dress screams spring!


Striped Hoodie/Pant Outfit

This pink, white, and grey outfit is perfect for a chilly spring day!


Black and Pink Shirt & Legging Outfit

Your daughter will have some of the coolest pants in school when you get her this outfit!


Love Flower Dress

Because basically all floral print works for spring and looks pretty good come summer, too!


Spring Puppy Dog Outfit

This outfit definitely speaks to me because both my daughter and myself love dogs, although I’m not sure the pattern contains the best representation of what I can only assume is a Pug.


Black Heart Outfit

Not gonna lie, I would have rocked an outfit like this as a kid!


Long Sleeve Floral Vintage Dress

I love the old school look of this dress. Definitely something I would get my daughter if she ever really wore dresses.


Sunflower Shirt & Pants

This outfit is better for late spring and perfect to wear through summer!


Short Sleeve Floral Maxi Dress

I love cute maxi dresses like this one. Not to mention I’m also a big fan of the colors in this floral print.


Sweatshirt and Jean Outfit

This is just a really cute sweatshirt and jean set. This outfit is really on this list is because outfits like this are hard to come by when you’re shopping for a preschooler.


Sleeveless Flower & Butterfly Dress

This sleeveless dress would be great for late spring and summer.


Blue Flower Outfit

I love the ruffled flare pants and the cute blue spring print.


Flower Goose Outfit

It looks like it’s really small in the picture, but this floral goose outfit comes in a lot of sizes!


Floral Dress with Bow

I love this green and pink floral dress and I think the bow really adds a little something to it.


Pink and Grey Shirt and Legging Set

A cute, preppy look. Perfect for any spring day.

Sleeveless Butterfly Dress

Anytime I see butterflies, I think of my daughter. That’s why this would be the perfect dress for her this spring!


Purple Mermaid Outfit

For the little girl who loves mermaids! I’m not sure if mermaids have anything to do with spring, but this long sleeve shirt and pants are perfect for a brisk spring day.


Grey Top and Heart Leggings Set

This would be a great outfit to buy right before Valentine’s Day. Your daughter can wear it on the 14th and then continue using it throughout spring!


Denim Dress with Pink Cardigan

I love this denim dress and pink and white striped cardigan combo! Perfect for one of those spring days that start out a little chilly, but slowly morph into a nice, sunny day.


Do you need to buy some new clothes this spring for your daughter? Which dress or outfit is your favorite?

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