Beautiful Farmhouse Decor for People on a Budget

Inexpensive farmhouse decor for people on a budget.Modern farmhouse decor: it’s my fave!

I’m not going to lie, I might be slightly obsessed with Chip & Joanna Gaines. I love the farmhouse style they use in most of the houses they remodel! Not to mention they seem like pretty awesome people and great parents. They don’t have a TV in their house and their kids don’t have cell phones, which I think is great. And, although I’m sad to see them go, they are ending their TV series due in large part to the impact it’s had on their relationship and family.

I may not live on a farm and my house isn’t even close to being a traditional “farmhouse”. That doesn’t mean I don’t love the decor, though!

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Rustic, weathered, old. Items made out of reclaimed barn wood are right up my alley!

The problem I’ve found with this style, though, is buying things that are new and don’t need a little TLC can be expensive. For some strange reason, if something brand new was made to look old or rustic, it tends to have a large price tag.

What’s a frugal gal like me to do? Search for the best priced items I can and share them with you, of course!

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite farmhouse decor finds for under $25! That’s right… each item costs less than $25.

With the right style of furniture, paint color and flooring, sometimes all you need is a few things here and there to add some farmhouse flare to your home. Check these awesome items out and consider adding one of them to your home!



Vintage Tin “FARMHOUSE” Sign

Why not just get straight to the point? Throw up a sign that says “farmhouse”!


Rustic “LAUNDRY” Sign

I think this would be cute in a utility room or about a laundry basket in a bathroom or bedroom.


Rustic “PANTRY” Sign

I haven’t lived in a house with a pantry in a few years, but I would definitely hang this above my pantry door if I had one!



Solid Pine “BLESSED” Sign

Simple and elegant. You can’t go wrong with this sign.



Vintage Chicken Sign

Personally, I’m not a big fan of the chicken themed kitchen thing some people do, but that’s just me.
If it’s something you’re into, I think this sign would be a great addition to your kitchen wall!


“BLESS THIS NEST” Framed Linen Sign

I’ve seen a lot of “Bless this Mess” signs in the past. I like this sign more than those ones.




Maybe it’s my attraction to aged wood. Maybe it’s the faded sheet music that reminds me of my husband’s musical inclination. Maybe it’s the fact that the song “Amazing Grace” makes me think of a time before my own when the songs people sang were elegant and free of profanity.
Heck, maybe it’s all three of those things!
There’s a lot about this sign that I like. I’d happily display it on my wall.


Personalized “WELCOME TO OUR HOME” Sign

I actually purchased this as a gift for a family member recently and fell in love with it!
Totally customizable, you choose your state, tell them your name and the year you got married.
The only downside is you have to purchase a frame for it.



Window Barnwood Frames – 2 pack

Because who doesn’t need some fake windows on their wall?
These aged frames look like they could have come straight off an old house or barn!


Metal Barn Star

This barn star comes in 5 different colors (with my personal favorite being the patriotic one) and 4 different sizes ranging from 6″ to 18″.



12″ Vintage Wall Clock

With 8 different styles, all under $20, you’re sure to find one that will look great in your home!


Metal Windmill Wall Clock

If you’re looking to add a really interesting piece to your wall, this is the clock for you!


Rustic Cast Iron Coat Hooks

I would love to hang my coats and hats from these cast iron hooks!




Rustic Glass Bottle Vase with Chicken Wire Basket

You could fill the bottles with rocks, sand, flowers, loose change. Or maybe just leave them as they are.
There are 5 different styles, so I’m sure you’ll find one you love!


Coffee, Tea & Sugar Containers

If I drank tea at all, I’d love to have these. Or maybe if they replaced “tea” with “cocoa”!


Galvanized Caddy & Planter Set

I rang in the new year by splurging on an actual desk from which I can blog! I’ve had this website up and running for over a year and a half now and I finally created a little work space for myself.
Hubby and I have talked about putting a shelf on the wall above the desk. We both believe it would be a great spot to store things we don’t want our daughter to get into. I think this caddy & planter set would look great on that shelf! I’d use it to store my pens, pencils and Sharpies!


10″ Oval Wire Basket

This little basket would make a wonderful fruit “bowl” to hold all of your apples, bananas and other fresh fruits.


Rustic HOME Standing Sign

The worn and weathered look of this small wooden sign adds a great touch of farmhouse style to any shelf in your home.





Rustic Remote Caddy

As much as I love this caddy, I won’t be adding it to my living room anytime soon.
My daughter is obsessed with using the remotes as phones every time I turn my back. Just this morning she was talking to Santa on one of them!
I have no place I could put this that would be safely out of her reach, so I think I’ll wait until she’s a little older (or we live in a different house).


Tree of Life Wooden Coasters

Made out of mango wood, each coaster has been carved and distressed in a way that gives it a great vintage feel.
I think these colors would fit well with all of your other farmhouse decor!


Plaid Decorative Throw Pillow Cases

Two cases are included when you order these. There are multiple color options including red, brown and beige so you can find the perfect plaid cover for the pillows on your couch or bed!



Striped Decorative Throw Pillow Cases

Maybe you aren’t a big fan of plaid. In that case, check out these striped pillow cases instead!


Rustic Farmhouse Cotton Throw

Simply tossing a throw over the top of your sofa can add a great decorative touch to your farmhouse decor! Plus, it’s always nice having a blanket nearby when you’re sitting on the couch on a chilly evening.


Farmhouse Cotton Star Throw

Although I like both blankets, I prefer the pattern of this one!
It comes in red and blue, too.


Chicken Wire Toilet Paper Holder

This would add some great farmhouse flare to your bathroom!


Chicken Wire Paper Towel Holder

If you loved the idea of the toilet paper holder, check out this paper towel holder!


Antique Toothbrush Holder

This is such a great way to store your toothbrushes!


Galvanized Metal Napkin Holder

This is easily the cutest napkin holder I’ve ever seen!


Salt and Pepper Caddy Set

Putting this caddy set on your dining room table or kitchen counter would be a great way to add a little farmhouse decor for cheap!



Mason Jar Soap Dispenser

This would be a great addition to your kitchen or bathroom. It doesn’t have to be brass, either. It comes in stainless steel, too!


BINO 1.3 gallon Trash Can

I would LOVE to have a little garbage can like this one in my bathroom or even my utility room. I think it’s adorable!

Which item is your favorite? Will any of these decorative pieces find their way into your home?

2 thoughts on “Beautiful Farmhouse Decor for People on a Budget

  • January 8 at 10:21 pm

    You have a beautiful family! 🙂 I’m a city girl, but I absolutely love the products that you have shared. I really like the Amazing Grace and Bless this Nest the most. I can definitely see myself purchasing those items. Thanks for sharing!

  • January 12 at 6:12 pm

    You found some really cute things! I like the windmill clock, and the throw. Lots of things, actually!


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