The Best Christmas Gifts for the Rugged Guy in Your Life

I’m pretty sure that I’m done shopping for Bee’s Christmas gifts now. It was fun while it lasted, but now I’m on to shopping for the Hubby.

To be honest, I wasn’t sure how to label my husband when I first began planning this post. What category does he fall into? What single word properly describes the type of man he is?

Note: This post contains affiliate links.

He’s a different breed, really. A few dozen country songs would label him a “country boy”.

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He’s conservative with old school morals and values. He enjoys fishing and sometimes I think he lives for hunting season. His summer would be absolutely incomplete without a few real camping trips (think pitching a tent in the middle of nowhere off some remote country road).

He firmly believes in the rights granted to him by our Second Amendment and would be an avid gun collector if our bank account would allow him.

A “good weekend at home” usually means he was under the hood of a vehicle or building furniture in his shop.

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A black t-shirt, clean Levi’s, a ball cap and boots are his “fancy” clothes. When he’s ready to get dirty during these cold months he sports a flannel, Carhartt jeans, a dirty ball cap and those same “fancy” boots of his.

He can get on the internet using our computer, but that’s about as tech-savvy as he gets. He doesn’t spend all day in front of a screen and it definitely shows.

After much thought, I concluded that “rugged” was the most fitting word to describe him. And for many, rugged men can be difficult to shop for. They aren’t interested in the kinds of gifts many of their peers are hoping to find under the tree this year.

Here’s a list of gifts that are sure to be a hit for this kind of guy. Some of them I’ve purchased as gifts for my husband in the past, others are gifts I’m seriously considering buying him this Christmas.


Yeti Ice Chests

As much as I’d love to be able to get Hubby a Yeti for Christmas, it isn’t going to happen this year. I know he would absolutely love one, but it just isn’t in the budget.
I know a few people with Yetis and they swear by them. Hands down the best ice chest on the market!


Igloo BMX Cooler

Although we’d love to own Yetis, that just isn’t in the cards right now.
Hubby and I purchased this 52-quart cooler by Igloo nearly a year ago and we have yet to be disappointed.
I love the straps that keep the ice chest closed and our ice always lasts 3 days, minimum.




Urban Carry Concealable Gun Holsters

If your guy can legally conceal carry, you need to give this website a good look around! Their G2 Urban Carry holster is groundbreaking. My husband was dying to get it when it came out last year. He ended up finding it under the Christmas tree and he loves it.
Definitely only get this if he can legally conceal a gun, though!


Leather Gun Belt

There’s a good chance that if you’re gifting your man a gun holster, he’s going to need a gun belt (unless you’re getting him the G2 Urban Carry holster… like I said: groundbreaking!).
Gun belts aren’t cheap, but I know from personal experience that the average belt won’t hold up to a holster. It’s a necessity for regular holster wear.


 Coleman Big Game Sleeping Bag

A great investment if your man is the kind of guy that camps during colder weather (think hunting season!). It’s designed for people up to 6’5″, so there’s more than enough room for my 5’5″ husband. Good for temps as low as 0 degrees.
We own two of these bags and we zip them together when we are camping. Fits our queen air mattress perfectly and we have yet to get cold while sleeping in them.


Sleeping Pad 

It’s hard to go wrong with the Klymit Static V sleeping pad.
Weighing just over one pound and taking as few as 10 breaths to inflate, it’s the perfect gift for any guy that spends time in the wilderness.


Camping Hammock

I feel like nothing really needs to be said about this item. If you can’t see why it’s an awesome gift idea, I’m not sure you should be reading this list at all!


Portable Power Bank

Does your country boy like to stay connected to the world? Is his cell phone basically attached to his body?
If the answer to those questions is yes, then a portable power bank is perfect for him!


Walkie Talkies

Once upon a time, I believed walkie-talkies were just toys.
Now, as a person who spends a whole lot of time in places that get absolutely zero cell service, I understand walkie talkies serve a real purpose.
I like this set in particular because it’s a 3-pack instead of the traditional 2-pack and it has 50 channels and a 36-mile range.
Chances are good you’ll be able to reach help when you need it with radios that have so many channels and such a large range.


Tactical First Aid Kit

Definitely not the most glamorous of gifts, but few things say “I love you and I don’t want you to die” like a first aid kit!




Skinning Knife

Few things are better to gift the outdoorsman than a nice hunting and skinning knife.
Hubby and I are big fans of blades made by Columbia River Knife and Tool, especially those designed by Ken Onion.
I can promise you that your country boy would love both the Homefront Hunter and the Humdinger.



Plano Angled Tackle System

This tackle box is sitting out in Hubby’s shop right now. We’ve had it for about 5 1/2 years and we have no complaints. It fits virtually all of our gear and it has held up exceptionally well over the years. A great gift for the fisherman.


Coleman Camping Coffeemaker

My husband is a big coffee fan. He has to have a couple of cups of coffee every morning.
For camping h,e has an old school percolator. It gets the job done, but he usually complains about the grounds that end up in his cup of Joe. Plus it just doesn’t taste like the stuff he’s used to drinking at home (which is fine by him, but I hate the taste).
He’s managed to survive using his percolator for years, but I’m sure he’d appreciate a coffeemaker like this one.


7-Piece Camping Cookware Set

What’s really awesome about this particular set is the case. I love keeping things organized at camp. The easier it is the find things, the better the entire trip goes.


Carhartt Double Front Dungaree

This is one of Hubby’s favorite pairs of jeans. They hold up really well. If I buy him a pair this Christmas, I can expect that he’ll still have them next Christmas.
He considers these his “work pants”, so he wears them any time his “fancy” Levi’s aren’t needed!
Although he likes multiple styles of Carhartt pants, the Double Front Dungaree seems to last the longest.


Levi’s Men’s 569 Loose Straight-Leg Jean

These are the “fancy pants” my husband wears. His absolute favorite style of Levi’s. He’ll only wear 2 colors, though: Rugged & Jagger.
I try to keep my eye on these all year. Last time I purchased them, the color “Rugged” was on sale for $20.89! Obviously, I bought more than one pair!


Tactical Mattress Holster

We don’t own this and we probably won’t any time soon. Only because of Bee, though. I really wouldn’t feel comfortable having this in our bedroom right now.
I know that Hubby would love it and if we were childless my feelings would be different. Maybe one day he’ll have this or something like it. But today isn’t that day!


Men’s Leather Wallet

This is my husband’s favorite style of wallet (whereas I’m more a trifold kind of person). It comes in multiple leather styles and has great reviews.
Hubby has been hinting that he wants a new wallet lately, so he may just find this under the tree come Christmas morning.


Ammo Can

I bought Hubby this ammo can for Christmas last year and he has no complaints. In fact, he wants more of them. Maybe he’ll be getting another this year.
It’s not expensive, but it’s super practical. Give it to him empty, with an insert, or add some ammo to it. Throw in a padlock because it can be used to lock this can up and keep the kids out.


Carhartt Men’s All Season Socks

These socks are actually really amazing. The first time I bought a pack for Hubby was in 2013. Since then, he’s received a pack of these socks every Christmas.
Only two socks (presumably from the 2013 pack) have gotten a hole in them. None of them have stretched out, either. And he wears them daily.
As with all Carhartt work clothing, these are a high-quality product. They are so great that I’m buying Hubby another pack this Christmas.


BioLite BaseCamp Stove System

If you came to this list in search of a nicer, more expensive gift for your country boy, I recommend either this wood stove system.
The perfect way to cook meals while camping! Not only is it good for grilling burgers, but it also converts heat into energy and stores it into a built-in lithium-ion battery that can be used to charge your cell phone or portable speaker!


Rifle Sling

A sling definitely comes in handy during a long hike!

Trumark Slingshot

It’s a fun toy and it could kill your dinner in a pinch. Not all slingshots are very good with rocks, but this model is. Plus there’s room to store ammo in the handle!

Paracord Bracelet

Even the most experienced outdoors man can never be too careful. That’s why this makes for a very handy item to carry with you.
It’s a 5-in-1 survival tool that has a bottle scraper, whistle, fire starter, compass and is made of military grade paracord that can be used as fire tinder, fishing line or sewing.

Camping Multi-Spice Pack

Trying to pack all the spices you think you’ll need for a camping or hunting trip is always a pain! That’s why this would make for a great stocking stuffer!
They also sell a Multi-Grill pack.

Emergency Sleeping Bag

Accidents happen, things go wrong. Just because you weren’t planning to stay the night out in the woods doesn’t mean it won’t happen.
Carrying an emergency sleeping bag in your pack is a very smart idea.

Gun Sock

You can never keep your rifle too protected! This sock keeps guns protected from scratches, dings, dust, and moisture while being stored in a safe or during transit.

Knife Sharpener

Definitely a great little stocking stuffer! Who doesn’t love a sharp knife?!

Small Tools

I think my husband has gotten some kind of small tool in his stocking every Christmas we’ve been together. One year I got him this bit set, another year I gave him these mini screwdrivers.
I’m not sure what he’ll get this year, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out!


Hunting gloves like these would be a huge hit with my husband, but he’d also like these leather gloves for working around the yard. Choose a pair of gloves based on the activities your guy enjoys.


If your guy spends a lot of time outside (even in the cold, cruddy weather), this is a great option. I’m a big Carhartt fan, but there are other good beanies out there, too. Like this one from North Face and this one from Under Armour.

What are you getting your guy for Christmas? Is there anything you can add to my list?

6 thoughts on “The Best Christmas Gifts for the Rugged Guy in Your Life

  • November 29 at 4:03 pm

    Our hubbies would get along! Before we had the kiddo we thought about getting a mattress holster like that.

    • November 29 at 4:28 pm

      I didn’t even know they existed until I went browsing Amazon for Christmas gifts for him. I’m sure we would have one if we’d discovered it before our kid was born!

  • December 2 at 7:52 am

    Thanks for this! I got hubby a Yeti last year and an RTIC soft cooler (check them out!! Same technology, half the price!) this year. I’ve been looking for a few extra gifts under the tree for him and this post was perfect! Just ordered the Carhartt pants and the tackle box from your list! Thanks!!!

    • December 2 at 7:59 am

      I noticed the last time I was at Cabela’s that they have their own version of the Yeti now, too. Definitely going to look into the RTIC coolers now. Thanks for the tip! I hope he likes the pants and tackle box 🙂

  • September 26 at 9:42 am

    Why do guys have to be so difficult to buy for? This is a great list of ideas. Thanks so much for sharing!

  • September 29 at 8:50 am

    Have you ever read “The American List” on Continuous Lean? It has all kinds of stuff that would be perfect for this, and it is all made in America.


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