18 Amazing Breakfast Recipes For Your Next Camping Trip

I don’t know about you, but I hate meal planning for a camping trip!

Honestly, it’s something I didn’t even do prior to our daughter coming into this world.

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A few years ago, I’d just throw some sandwiches and hot dogs into the ice chest and then throw a whole bunch of junk food and a few cans into a tote.

Back then, breakfasts consisted of Little Debbies, lunches were a sandwich and chips, and dinner was usually hot dogs or a can of ravioli.

I never worried about having enough snacks. I didn’t stop and think to myself “Hey, these meals aren’t really healthy“.

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The most important items we brought with us were always beer and a bottle of whisky.

Now I have a three-year-old, though, and not only does she require a seemingly endless supply of snack foods to survive between meals, I also prefer days when she doesn’t get jacked up on sugar at 8 am. Obviously, Little Debbies aren’t served for breakfast anymore.

Here’s another problem I have with this whole “responsible camping” thing: I hate cooking at camp.


Nothing is ever really clean, I tend to burn the food, the great outdoors are definitely lacking in counter space, and I absolutely dread the post-meal cleanup.

I suppose one thing that makes it a bit harder for my family is that we use a tent to dry camp in secluded locations.

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No electricity, no running water. Although I enjoy being well removed from society for a few days, it doesn’t make cooking enjoyable at all.

We plan on going on quite a few camping trips this year. Bee will turn 4 in July and camping with a 4-year-old is going to be a lot easier than our camping trips were when she was younger.

Although the mountains are close to us, we plan on taking two trips to Idaho to spend weekends at our old, pre-Oregon camping locations. I couldn’t be more excited!

The biggest downside to these trips, for me, is the distance. We’ll be in the truck for at least 10 hours both weekends, which may not seem like much to you, but for someone like me who can leave her house and be in the forest in 30 minutes, it’ll suck.

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But hey, at least breakfast will be easy! I’ve been game planning meals because, well, I’m big into having a plan prior to doing anything in my life and camping is no exception. Honestly, I started planning these camping trips the very day Hubby and I decided they were going to happen.

I definitely won’t be making every one of these breakfasts, but I thought I’d share with you 18 of the best camping breakfast recipes I’ve found. Enjoy!


Campfire Breakfast Hash

You can prep parts of this recipe at home, but most of the work will be done at the campsite. It isn’t complicated to make, though. I’m betting it’s easier to make at camp than pancakes are.


Easy Breakfast Roll-Ups

I LOVE an easy roll-up recipe. I’m a big fan of tortillas, so I use them or tons of meals! This recipe has me excited.
To top it off, these guys are pretty healthy (healthier than Little Debbies, anyway) and you can make them the day before your trip! I’d throw them into foil and warm them up at the campfire our first morning in the mountains. No camp cooking necessary.


Omelettes in a Bag from Beyer Beware

A super easy way to make omelets! Throw your ingredients into a bag before you go camping so all you have to do is boil the bag when you’re ready to eat one!


Campfire Potatoes from Cincy Shopper

I can already tell Hubby and I would enjoy these campfire potatoes, but Bee wouldn’t be a fan. I suppose we’ll have to make these on a day when she sneaks a Little Debbie at 7am.


Hot Ham and Pineapple Campfire Sandwiches from Dessert Now Dinner Later

Breakfast sandwiches are my absolute favorite breakfast food. I could eat them for breakfast every day!
These guys would be really easy. Another meal you can prep in your own kitchen, which means less work while you’re camping.


Campfire Cinnamon Roll-ups from Almost Super Mom

These would be tons of fun for older kids to make! I think it would be more fun than roasting marshmallows.


Ultimate Breakfast Burrito from Self Proclaimed Foodie

Breakfast burritos are a normal go-to for my family when it comes to camp breakfasts. I normally prep them at home, wrap them in foil, and then warm them up over a fire or in a camp oven.


5 Layer Dutch Oven Breakfast from Happy Money Saver

Having a Dutch Oven like this one at your disposal is definitely helpful when you’re camping. They allow you to easily make awesome breakfasts like this 5 layer breakfast over a fire.


Cracked Out Tater Tot Breakfast Casserole from Plain Chicken

If you’re camping in an RV or have a portable oven like this one, you can definitely make this recipe! Easy to prep ahead of time and it will definitely be enough food for everyone.


Mountain Man Breakfast from Lodge Cast Iron

This isn’t one of the easiest camping breakfasts to make, but it would definitely be delicious! No question it’s a hearty and filling meal.


Loaded Breakfast Biscuits from Kitchen Dreaming

This is a really interesting idea. The sausage, scrambled eggs and cheese are all mixed into the biscuits!


Egg Bake Breakfast Foil Packet from Julie’s Eats and Treats

I’m a big fan of foil packets when I go camping! My best piece of advice: Be certain that your packet is waterproof. Nothing worse than melted ice sneaking into your meal while it sits in the ice chest.


Campfire Monkey Bread from Say Not Sweet Anne

I’m personally not a big monkey bread fan, but Hubby and Bee are. They are sure to love this and luckily it’s pretty easy to prep at home and cook at camp the next morning.



Camping Breakfast Quesadillas from Little Family Adventure

I mentioned I love tortillas, right? It should come as no surprise that I’m a quesadilla fan.
As breakfasts go, this one is easy to make. Not to mention it’s filled with melty-meaty-cheesy amazingness.


Campfire Apple Crisp Breakfast from Fairing Well

This recipe screams “hunting trip” to me. I think it would be great to have on a cool fall morning after a (hopefully successful) morning deer hunt.


Campfire French Toast from This Lil Piglet

French toast while camping? Sign me up!
I’ve never considered trying to make such a thing, but I love french toast! Definitely, a must make.



Freezer Bagel Breakfast Sandwich from The Diary of a Real Housewife

Another breakfast sandwich recipe! I’m sure I’ll be trying this one, too.


Dutch Oven Sausage Breakfast Pinwheels from Call Me PMC

These look good, don’t they? You can easily prep these ahead of time and cook them in your dutch oven at camp.

Do you want to try any of these recipes? Which ones are a no-go for your family? What’s your usual camping breakfast?

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