Celebrate the Right Way! Get Your Toddler a Spooky Costume

#halloween #halloweencostume #halloweencostumes #toddler #toddlerhalloween #trickortreat #trickortreating #costumes #spooky #vampire #mummy #witch #skeletonGrowing up, Halloween was about spooky things. Ghosts, goblins, witches, vampires, and all the other creepy things that go bump in the night.

There was always a rule that we had to dress up as something scary if we wanted to go trick-or-treating. No princesses or superheros allowed.

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This is something I enjoyed and, honestly, I can’t remember a year when I had any desire to dress up in a cute outfit. I was a witch, a vampire, a werewolf, a mummy and wore creepy masks a few times. When I was younger I never did understand why other kids wanted to be Snow White or Spiderman. To be honest, I still don’t really understand it!

This year will be my daughter’s 3rd Halloween. It will be the first time she dresses up as something and goes trick-or-treating. She’ll be going as a zombified Care Bear (more on that to come).

Why a zombie Care Bear, you ask? Well, for starters she loves the Care Bears. I randomly came up with the idea one evening and knew it was something she’d approve of. When I asked her about it the next day, she ran around the house growling “zombie care bear!

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Finding a scary Halloween costume for a toddler is difficult! It’s actually the main reason I didn’t dress her up the last two years. I didn’t want my kid dressed as a monkey, a lion, a puppy or a lobster because there’s nothing scary about those things! Unless I altered the outfit and made the puppy look rabid or something. Altering the costumes wasn’t something I even thought of doing until this year, though.

Not everyone has the time, skill or patience to turn a cute costume into something spooky (and there’s nothing wrong with that!). Luckily for the people who want to simply buy something scary and not have to alter it, HalloweenCostumes.com and SpiritHalloween.com have quite a few options!


I was a werewolf when I was maybe 9 or 10. I didn’t get an outfit like this. My mom straight up glued fake fur on my face. It wasn’t easy to remove!
This definitely seems like a better idea than gluing fur to a kid’s face!


Go door-to-door in this Ancient Egyptian inspired costume!



The coolest part of this is the hat or hood or whatever that thing on this kid’s head is!


Vampire Option 1

A simple vampire outfit with a cute little vest and a cape that ties around a boy’s neck.


Vampire Option 2

A more “dressed-up” version of a vampire, I’d say. Possibly the clothes Dracula himself wore once…?!


Skeleton Option 1

This is cute and it comes in smaller sizes, too!


Skeleton Option 2

This skeleton costume comes in larger sizes for the bigger toddlers.



Scary, yet cute with that dress! Where were costumes like this when I was a kid?
Oh yeah… my mom made my mummy “costume” by wrapping me up in cheese cloth.


Vampiress Option 1

I really like this fun twist on a vampiress costume!


Vampiress Option 2

The more traditional vampiress costume.


Skeleton Option 1

I really love this version of a skeleton outfit! I’m really diggin’ the dress and that hat is awesome!


Skeleton Option 2

This outfit is definitely a less dramatic outfit compared to the first skeleton option! Perfect for a girl who’s more a tomboy!



Because every girl should dress up like a witch at least once in their life!



I think this Batarina outfit would be a great compromise if you’re daughter wants to dress up as something cute, but you’d rather she be something spooky.
Hey, at least it isn’t a princess, right?


Deviled Cutie

I think this is another good costume for a girly girl. It’s cute, yet there’s nothing sweet about the Devil!


Which costume stands out to you? Are their any here you could see you’re little one wearing?

My favorites are the werewolf and that skeleton dress!

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  • October 2 at 12:29 pm

    Very cute options! I have nieces and nephews that are still infants, but I’d love to create some costumes for them eventually! I just need to get around to learning how to do it! Costumes like these work in the meantime!


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