24 Easy and Fun Board Games That Preschoolers Love!

Board games are a great way to teach out kids valuable skills. Not to mention they can be super fun to play! Check out this list of entertaining and educational board games for preschoolers! #preschool #preschoolers #preschoolathome #preschoolactivities #boardgames #boardgamesforkids #homeschoolpreschool #homeschoolprek #homeschoolingIt can be tricky finding fun board games that preschoolers and older kids (or adults) can enjoy playing together, can’t it?

Which is too bad, really. Board games are a great way for our kids to learn important skills like following directions, memory, letter recognition and reading, counting, and turn-taking, among many others.

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This year I started “homeschooling” our 3-year-old, Bee.

I put the word homeschooling in parenthesis because teaching preschool is unlike anything I imagined homeschooling would be like.

We do book work, coloring, reading, and flash cards 4 days a week, but Fridays are our fun day.

On Fridays, we do something that’s both educational and entertaining.

When the weather is nice, this could mean a nature walk or a trip to the local children’s museum.

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But lately, our weather has been horrible. Where I live, we consider ourselves lucky to have snow on the ground for a full week in winter most years. 

This year we didn’t get any sizable amount of snow until February! And now it’s one week into March and we still have over a foot of snow in our yard.

That means Fridays have been spent indoors and usually at home. Play-Doh, puzzles, baking, and board games have been our Friday go-tos.

We’ve invested a little money into these activities, too, and in doing so I’ve learned all about super fun board games for preschoolers.


This is an educational and fun board game that helps improve strategic and tactical thinking in preschoolers.

This board game folds out to over 6 feet long! Plus it’s a great game that helps promote attention to detail and reinforces matching skills and object identification.

One thing I really like about this game is that it comes with 3 different game play instructions, so it grows with your child!

Preschoolers love this game! You get to spin a dial and then use a toy squirrel to move acorns around on the board.

A game simple enough that preschoolers can understand it, yet it will also help improve your child’s math skills.

This game supports reading and counting. It’s perfect for kids ages 3 and up, plus it was invented by a 1st grader!

This awesome game comes with 36 cards and the entire purpose of the game is to create your own story with said cards. Your kids are going to love rearranging the cards to create a new and different story time and time again.

This game is directed more towards older preschoolers and is much like Clue.
Move around the board collecting clues to figure out who took Mrs. Plumpert’s pie. Use the special evidence scanner to rule out your suspects.

I’ve never heard of this game, but apparently it’s pretty popular.
Basically Bingo for little kids!

Tranform your caterpillar into a butterfly with this game of counting, collecting, and building!

If your preschooler enjoyed the movie, you should definitely check out this game!

Just like the classic game of Sequence, but made specifically with 3-6 year olds in mind.

A great word game for kids and fun for parents, too.

This game is so simple, yet surprisingly entertaining. Race your snail to the finish line using dice!

A fun game of matching and memory. A sure hit with your preschooler.

Your kids will match riddles with pictures in this fun and educational game.

Not quite a board game, but definitely a game your prescooler would enjoy. Plus it promotes shared decision making, teamwork, and creative problem solving skills.

Growing up, I’d see commercials for this game on TV. I always wanted to play it!
Well, guess what? It might be 25+ years later, but I get to play it now with my preschooler!

I don’t know about your kid, but mine is obsessed with doggies. She’d love this game.

A fast-paced game where kids have to put pieces in their proper place before the times up.

This is a multiple award winning board game that gets your kids up and moving!

Helps teach preschoolers with color matching, memory development, fine motor skills, and turn taking.

This is one of my preschool daughter’s favorite board games. I’m a big fan, too, as it’s really helped with her fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Domino is a game people of all ages can enjoy, although this set was created specifically with preschoolers in mind.

What are some of the fun board games you have in your house? Which one is your kid’s favorite? Could you see yourself adding any of the above board games to your collection?

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