12 Easy Ways to Increase Your Blog Traffic NOW!

When you first start out as a blogger, it seems like there is no easy way to increase your blog traffic.

Seriously. I used to get excited anytime my daily visitor number hit double digits.

It’s been over two years, but I still remember the first day I broke 25 readers. I felt like I was on top of the world! Until I realized averaging 25 daily visitors meant I still wouldn’t break 1,000 monthly visitors.

Note: This post contains affiliate links.

We all know the more traffic your blog receives, the better, right?

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I’d be willing to bet that all successful bloggers have one thing in common: Their blog gets a lot more than just 1,000 monthly readers.

That’s where the money comes from! Without readers, there’s nobody to click on your affiliate links, nobody to purchase your products, and no reason for companies to pay you for ad space.

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Readers. Visitors. Traffic.

Call it what you want, but it’s absolutely necessary. Increasing your traffic means you’ll have more opportunities to make money.

So, how do you go about gaining more visitors and increasing traffic to your blog? There are a lot of different things that help improve your readership! Here are 12 things that you can do right now to increase your blog traffic.

The Title Really Does Matter

The very first thing a person notices about your post is usually the title.

They glance at it once, likely just skimming over it. They’re waiting for something to catch their eye. A word or phrase that really pulls them in.

Do your posts have attention-grabbing titles?

As with all things blog related, creating a catchy headline takes practice and time to master.

Head over to CoScheduler for help! Not only is their headline analyzing tool awesome sauce, but their blog is filled with tips, tricks, and ideas to help you create the best content!


Evergreen Content Is Key

Evergreen content = Posts that will always be relevant.

Evergreen posts are posts that will never get old, like my gift guide for 18-month-olds and this DIY Folgers Flower Pot project. Posts like those are posts that people will always be interested in, year after year.

Your goal should be to regularly create evergreen content. Posts that will always be of interest to your target audience.

All of my gift guides and product roundups are great examples of how awesome evergreen content is, especially when it’s riddled with affiliate links.

When you create a good post that will always be of relevance and add affiliate links every opportunity you have, you’re bound to make sales. That means money in your pocket!


Keywords Matter

Keywords are super important. Without them, your posts might as well be invisible to search engines.

There are tons of posts out there by other bloggers about how to perfect the art of inserting keywords into titles and posts, so I’m not going to get into that.

All I’m going to say is that I know from experience that you will increase your traffic if you start taking keywords seriously.


Find Your Audience

Who do you expect to read your blog? What type of people does your blog attract?

The average reader of this blog is a stay-at-home mom between the ages of 25-35 living in the US. Most of these ladies are interested in saving money and/or making money from home.

What form of social media does your audience prefer? For me, it’s Pinterest and Facebook. Put all of your social media energy into your audience’s preferred network.

Who are popular bloggers in your niche? Think of some bloggers who your ideal audience are already following. Connect with those bloggers. Follow them. See what they are doing right. Read their blog posts and take advantage of any free advice they share with you. Definitely consider trying to guest post, too!

All you need to figure out where your audience spends their time online. Once you’ve got that down, you’ll be better equipped to connect with them.


Up Your Website Speed

Do you know how long it takes for your website to load on a computer? What about a phone?

Google loves websites that take less than 2 seconds to load. If you’ve never looked into your website speed, it’s likely way too slow.

You can check your blog speed at a website like this. There are a lot of things you can do to try to speed up your site. Blog posts like this one can help you in that department.


Boost Your Posts

Push, push, push, push, PUSH your posts!

Share them everywhere. Seriously. All over.

You’re the only person who cares about getting your work out there. You can’t rely on other people to share your content, especially when you’re new and relatively unknown.

The more you share your posts with the world, the more opportunities you create for people to find your blog and visit it.


Social Media Is Huge

If you aren’t taking advantage of social media, you’re doing it all wrong. Especially if you are new and have basically zero online presence.

Remember what I just said about sharing your posts with the world? Well, there’s no better place to do it than on social media.

Check out this post about creating a social media strategy to help increase your blog traffic.


Make Your Blog Better

Is your website hard to navigate? Are your website’s colors overpowering or conflicting? Do you use a font that’s difficult to read?

Are you using proper grammar and spelling? Are your post topics of real interest to your audience?

It’s totally possible you’re half-assing something; that there’s something going on with your blog that’s turning people off.

For a little help and inspiration, I recommend this post about how a blog should look and function. This post about writing content your readers really want to read is great, too.

Your goal here should be to make yourself (and your blog) better. The better your blog, the more people you will attract.


Guest Post Whenever You Can

Why is guest blogging important? For one, it expands your reach. You’re putting yourself out there for a whole new group of people! Exposing yourself to more people means more people find you. More people finding you means more traffic to your blog.

It also improves your online authority and strengthens your backlink profile. You’re showing Google that you’re a credible source of information.


Grab The Reader’s Attention

Headlines and images inside the body of your post are good for one thing: grabbing reader’s attention.

I have no problem admitting that I’ve left an otherwise good blog simply because nothing in the post caught my eye and made me want to read.

The larger text and pictures make a person stop. It catches their attention and gives them a reason to read what you say following the bold font or picture.


Create (and stick to) A Posting Schedule

I both love and loathe having a blogging schedule.

It’s almost like when I’m deadline free, I’m more creative. This is GREAT for writing. The words just flow better.

When I have no real schedule, I tend to slack off a lot, though. I don’t have any set goals for the day/week/month, so I will put off writing and spend my time doing other things.

When I do have a deadline, I may have a harder time producing a quality post, but I make sure it gets done on time. No matter how difficult it is.

Not only does a schedule help make me more productive, but it’s also better for your readers.

Let’s say you’re like me and you post every Monday and Thursday morning. Your fans will know this about you and, if they really enjoy your writing, you’ll be able to count on them visiting your blog twice a week to read your new posts.


Educate Yourself

I get it, blogging courses, ebooks, how-to guides from the pros… it all costs money. And you’re in this to make money, not lose it, right?

Spending money to learn how to blog seems like quite the gamble, doesn’t it? Are you going to be this excited about blogging in six months? Will you still be writing this time next year? What if you realize a couple months from now that blogging just isn’t for you?

I get it, I really do. I made (what I consider to be) a huge mistake when I first started by trying to learn everything by searching for free resources.

About a year later, I purchased Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing and realized the last year would have been a lot easier (and likely more profitable) had I purchased that course when I first started my blog.

If you know for sure that blogging is for you, you need to spend money on your education. The more you know, the better you will be!

Are you new to blogging? What have you struggled with the most?

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