45+ FREE Courses Every New Blogger Needs to Know About

Being a brand new, totally unknown blogger can be a daunting and intimidating experience.

Trust me, I know. I, too, was once where you are.

We’ve all been there, actually. Every single blogger has been completely unfamiliar with all the aspects of blogging at one point or another.

Note: This post contains affiliate links.

We know how hard it is to figure out social media and WordPress and affiliate programs and SEO and creating graphics and… well, i think you get my point now.

We’ve all struggled. Just like you’re struggling now.

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Lucky for you, lots of experienced bloggers are kind enough to share their knowledge with their readers.

Some bloggers do this in the form of posts or ebooks, others like to charge you to take super detailed courses (that may or may not be worth the cost), but the coolest bloggers put a bunch of time and effort into creating a course and then, get this, NOT CHARGING YOU.

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Yep. There are totally free courses to teach you just about everything you need to know about blogging.

This post is going to save you some time, though, because I’ve scoured the internet for over 50 of the very best and highest recommended free courses for new bloggers. Enjoy!


Website Creation: Turbocharged 2019 Edition

Everything you could ever want to learn about starting and maintaining a profitable blog.

Beginner Blogging Course

We’ve all been beginner bloggers. Don’t waste away hours, days, and weeks of your time trying to figure it all out yourself. This course will help you understand the basics.

The Blog Plan

A step-by-step course that walks you through everything you need to know and do during your first year of blogging!

Free 5-Day Blogging Challenge

Better your blog in just 5 days.

How To Start A Blog: A 7 Day Course

I recommend anyone considering starting a blog take a course like this first.

What Does it Take to Start a Profitable Blog?

This course covers everything a blogger needs to know when first starting their blog. From techy stuff to monetization and everything in between.

Learn WordPress Free!

Great for brand new bloggers who need help installing WordPress and using it for the very first time.

Worry-Free WordPress Course

This free email course covers the beginning basics of security, updates, performance, backups, and keeping your blog legal.

The Blog Traffic Bonus Guide

This great course teaches you the must-know essentials to creating a blog that receives over 400,000 monthly visitors!

Master Time Management for Bloggers

Learn how to better manage your time and become a more productive blogger.



The Secret Sauce to Boosting Your Twitter Presence

With a name like that, why wouldn’t you at least check it out?

How To Get More Twitter Followers

Gaining Twitter followers is surprisingly easy, believe it or not. Learn how with this course.

Twitter Mini Course

If you’re interested in getting noticed on Twitter, this course is worth considering.

Pinterest Power

Pinterest sends me more traffic than any other social media platform. If you aren’t taking advantage of Pinterest, you’re really missing out.

The 5-Day Pinterest Challenge

I’m a big fan of McKinzie over at Moms Make Cents. She’s an awesome blogger and definitely doing something right over there. I highly recommend this course. It’ll change the way you look at Pinterest.

Free Instagram Course

Learn all about IG strategy, hashtags, and promoting yourself without coming across as overly pushy or annoying on Instagram.

Facebook SOS

It’s probably my least favorite of all the social media I use. Facebook’s algorithm makes reaching your audience tough! If you need help figuring out the Facebook scene, too, you definitely need to check this course out.

Snapchat Academy

Snapchat isn’t really my thing, but if it’s something you want to use to promote your blog, I highly recommend you look into this course a bit. I’ve heard nothing but great things about it.

Social Media 101

This is a free4-week course that promises to teach you everything you need to know about Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest.

Social Media Kickstart

A great course that teaches you how to grow your blog using Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.



Email Lists for Newbies

A great course you should definitely consider taking! It’ll help you better understand what type of content you should be sending your email list, which templates are most effective, and how to make sales through your email list.

Email 1k

A 30-Day email course created by people who really know what they’re talking about. Legit experts in building email lists with a proven track record.

Email Marketing Course

This course will teach you exactly how to build your email list quickly and effectively using Leadpages.



Keyword Course

Keywords are HUGE when it comes to SEO. Better understand them, their importance, and how to use them successfully with this course.

The Strong Brand Mini Course

Allison is a little over the top, but she is amazing at branding. I definitely recommend her mini-course!

5-Day SEO Bootcamp

This free five-day course is packed full of SEO knowledge. If you need to learn search engine optimization, I highly recommend signing up!

How to Build SEO

In this course, Chris will teach you exactly how he used SEO to grow his website into a six-figure business.

SEO Spring Cleaning Tips

Search Engine Optimization is an extremely important part of creating a successful blog. This course is filled with just about all the tips you need to know to start off on the right foot with SEO.

How To Design Your Own Blog

Blog design can be tricky for some people, myself included. I’ve already revamped this blog at least 4 times! I wish I would have taken this course years ago.

The 4-Week Brand Challenge

As the name states, this is a 4-week challenge to create a better, more memorable brand that your readers will love.

A Week of Code

This course will help you understand everything from formatting your blog to HTML and Lindsey throws in a little bit of info about CSS, too!

Google Drive for Bloggers

I find Google Drive to be an absolutely awesome tool for blogging! Take the course and learn the ins and outs of Drive and how it can benefit you.

7-Day Intro Course for Proofreading

Proofreading is super important. Honestly, I will leave a blog for no reason other than poor grammar, spelling, and writing. Take this course and become a better blogger today!

Snackable Writing Course

A free 16-part course to help you become a better writer.

Improve Your Website with Google Analytics

When you first start blogging, Google Analytics can be extremely intimidating. Take the stress out of all that stuff with this easy to follow course!

How to Master Etsy SEO

Etsy and WordPress are totally different platforms, so bloggers who sell products through Etsy can really benefit from understanding SEO for their Etsy store.

Legalize Your Blog

If you need info about keeping your blog legal and yourself protected, check out this course.



PicMonkey as a Mom Blogger

I use PicMonkey to help improve about 95% of my graphics. I definitely think it’s something every blogger should know how to use.

Graphic Design Mini-Course

A free video course designed to improve the new blogger’s skill in graphic design.

Photoshop Just for Bloggers

Does the idea of using Photoshop intimidate you? Don’t worry, I get it and so does Jackie over at It’s Organised. Check out her easy to follow courseĀ and learn everything you need to know about Photoshop as a blogger.



Build A Profitable Blog

Mariah wants to teach you everything nobody else tells you about making money from your blog.

Profitable Blogging From Day One

A step-by-step course to teach you how to set your blog up for money making success from day one.

Passive Income Course

What does it really take to start generating consistent passive income from your blog? Find out by taking this course.

Make Your First Affiliate Sale

Making money from your blog isn’t easy, but one of the best places to start is through affiliate sales. This course will help teach you how to make your first sale happen!

Quick-Start Guide to Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is my favorite way to make money. Learn everything you need to know about it in this course.

How to Start Freelance Blogging

Working as a freelance blogger is a little different and entering the world of freelance work can be very intimidating. This course will help you figure out what you need to do to start making money as a freelance blogger ASAP.

Are you a new blogger? Have you taken any of these free blogging courses yet? Which ones were your favorite?

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