12 Gorgeous Easter Dresses You and Your 3-Year-Old Will Love

It’s still a few months away, but Easter will be here before you know it.

I know most people make a bigger deal out of Easter than we do. For us, Easter is pretty laid back.

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We wake up whenever the kid wakes up, which has yet to be before 7:30 in the morning. Bee does the egg hunting thing while Hubby and I drink coffee and take turns getting ready for the day.

Eventually, Bee finds all her eggs and chills out a bit. We get her bathed, dressed, and then… that’s it.

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We eat egg salad sandwiches or lunch and Chinese for dinner. Don’t worry, I know Chinese isn’t traditional!

No church, usually no family. We like to spend the afternoon doing something as a family, preferably outside if the weather permits.

Easter dresses aren’t really a necessity for us, but I like to get a nice outfit for Bee just the same and have her wear it for as long as I can. Even if we are just sitting around the house.

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That’s why, while compiling this little list of possible Easter dresses, I chose to include both casual and formal dresses.

You should be able to find something perfect for your daughter, be it morning in church or Easter dinner at Grandma’s house.


US Polo Assn. Girls Lace Vanilla Dress

A super laid back dress, this would be a great dress for your daughter to wear to a casual Easter brunch.


AiMiNa Girls Dress

A bit more formal than the last one, but the colors of this dress definitely make it worthy of wearing on Easter.


Csbks Girls Dress

A super cute dress with colors that scream spring!


Flofallizique Vintage Maxi Dress

This dress comes in multiple colors, some of which you may prefer, but I like the idea of Bee wearing something like this. The grey is definitely unusual for a little girl’s dress.


US Polo Assn. Girls 2 Piece

This dress would be great for a casual Easter celebration. I especially like the cardigan. Easters around here aren’t usually warm, so a matching sweater is great!


Everweekend Girls Ruffle Maxi Dress

This dress is absolutely gorgeous. It’s so vintage, like something I’d expect to see long ago.

Bow Dream Rustic Lace Dress

This dress comes in a few different colors, but I like this mint color best.


US Polo Assn. Girls Hankie Hem Dress 

Weather permitting, this would be a great Easter dress.


Luvable Friends Dress & Cardigan

If you’re a fan of yellow, here’s the dress for you! It’s going to be the only yellow dress on this list because, honestly, I am not a fan of the color.


BluNight Collection Girls Dress

So many of the Easter dresses I see are sleeveless, so a dress like this is a refreshing find.


TUOKE Girls Dress

I can’t deny the super cuteness of this dress! I don’t hate the price, either.


Vintage Sleeveless Lace Dress

I love this dress for its old-time feel, too. I’m a big fan of kids dresses that look like they could have been worn centuries ago.


Ruffled Socks

Do you remember wearing socks like these as a kid? I sure do!

Girls Leather Flat Shoes

A versatile shoe that looks like it would hold up well with all the running and playing our daughters do.


Dream Paris Ballerina Flat

A more formal white shoe option.


OshKosh Giselle Ballet Flat

Throwing this one on the list because it would pair well with a lot of the above dresses.


Long Sleeve Cardigan

Since Easter in NE Oregon is rarely warm, a white cardigan that can be worn with most of the dresses on the list.


Easter Headband

Because adorable headbands are a must!

What are your Easter plans? Will your daughter be wearing a dress? Which Easter dress on my list made the cut for you?

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