How to Avoid Raising a Safe-Space-Needing Cry Baby

Society today is filled with safe space needing, cry baby millennials who expect everything to be handed to them. I plan on doing everything in my power to help mold my daughter into a respectable, conservative young lady. Let me tell you how!

When I learned I was pregnant with my daughter, my biggest fear was miscarrying her. My pregnancy with her definitely wasn’t my first rodeo, I’d been pregnant 5 times prior.

The weeks went on and over time that fear slowly disappeared. I can clearly remember the day I realized my fear of miscarriage had been replaced with a new fear. No longer was I afraid of losing Bee prior to her birth, I was now terrified of raising a child who would become a person I wouldn’t like.

I’m not a fan of most people, there are only a handful of people I enjoy having in my company. I have high standards for people, I’m not the kind of person who just accepts people for who they are.

|And this is why Bee doesn’t watch cartoons|

Knowing these things about myself made the fear of creating someone who would become a crappy adult even more terrifying. If 40-something me is anything like nearly 30 year old me, it’s entirely possible I’ll have little use for my daughter if she’s like a lot of the 18 year old kids of today.

I say “kids” rather than “young adults” because children is exactly what the majority of them are. Kids who can’t take responsibility for their own actions or decisions (I’m doing the best I can and It’s not my fault I don’t have a job), kids who expect handouts from our government or their parents (I deserve free healthcare and a free education), kids who can’t handle someone pointing out something obvious about them (how dare you comment on my sexuality/race/body?!), kids who spent their entire lives believing it was someone else’s job to stand up for them (I was bullied in school and the teachers didn’t stop it).

|It’s YOUR fault your kid continues to be bullied|

Sure, not every single 18 year old walking down the street has this mentality, not all of them are Bernie Sanders supporters. But to claim that the majority of them aren’t would be incorrect.

Statistics prove that the majority of Millennials are either Democrats or are Independents who lean towards the left. The above mindset that I described is exactly what being a liberal is all about.

Nothing is my fault, it’s society’s fault and that’s why I’m entitled to free things. From free education to free food and healthcare.
Let me do whatever I want with my body, but don’t you dare judge me for it or disagree with my choices. Accept me for who I choose to be and the things I choose to do.

Many times the people who disagree with the choices made by people like this break down and bend their own beliefs in the name of family. Aunts accepting nephews who smoke marijuana, even though they believe smoking is wrong. A person who accepts his cousin who had an abortion, even though he believes that abortion is murder.

That is not who I am. The “well, they’re family” card doesn’t apply in my life. I hold people to the same standards I hold myself to. Not only do I expect I will do the same with my own daughter, I honestly hope I do the same with my daughter.

I’m unwilling to associate with people like that, blood or not. So, obviously my goal as a parent is to do everything in my power to avoid creating a gun hating, flag burning, anti-American, Socialism loving, safe place needing, yuppy cry baby.

I want my daughter to grow up knowing that only she controls her life and her future and that, although things outside her control may occur, her own decisions also play a role in every single thing that happens to her in her life. The rest of the world is not to blame for the things that happen to her.

|Accidents may happen, but you’re still to blame|

I want her to be the kind of adult who doesn’t take the government handouts, who doesn’t expect a free ride. Someone who is willing to not only work multiple jobs to make ends meet if she needs to, but who is also willing to give up luxuries like cable and internet if that’s what she has to do to avoid signing up for food stamps.

A respectable young lady who doesn’t believe the rest of the world has to like and accept her for who she is and who knows she has the right to dislike any person for any reason, whether the general public agrees or not.

My goal is to help mold my daughter into a conservative minded young woman such as myself.

Now, before you start telling me I have no control over who my daughter becomes, calm down. Take a moment to read this:

I understand that in the end, who my daughter will be is not for me to decide. Her beliefs may not be my own and I can’t stop that.
I can, however, lead her in the right direction during the first 18 years of her life.

Personally, I like to call it brainwashing. Because that’s exactly what we’re doing. Parents do it, teachers do it, babysitters do it. We teach them what we believe to be right and wrong and begin molding them into the adults they become.

So yes, I plan to try to brainwash my little girl. It’s for a good cause, though! If there’s even a chance I might be able to help her become what I consider to be a decent human being, you can bet your ass I’m going to do it!

|Stop turning your little boy into a little girl!|


Well, I figured this post is long enough already, so I created a PDF listing what I believe to be 10 of the most important things I can do to influence my daughter.

But Desteny, you’re just a young mother to a toddler! What do you know about turning children into decent, conservative adults?!

Good question!

Nothing. I know nothing at all. I’ve never raised a child to adulthood. I was, however, raised by two parents who raised 2 (maybe 3… the jury is still out on my youngest sibling) children to be the sort of adults I would like to see my daughter become.

Not only that, my husband was raised by two parents who turned 4 little boys into the kind of men I would be proud to see my daughter one day marry.

There are multiple conservative and liberal millennials in my family and I do believe the secret is all in the way they were raised.

This little document is what I created when comparing the upbringing of the conservatives to the liberals.



Head over here to get it!

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