Are You the Parent? Then Yes! It’s Your Fault!


Yes, when you have kids, accidents happen. Whether it's an alligator attack or a fall from a 2nd story window, as the parent, you're to blame.

Nobody is a perfect parent and with little ones around, accidents are guaranteed to happen. Sometimes it’s something small like a bump on the head.  Other times the accident leaves the child fighting for his life.

Yes, accidents do happen.  Yes, they are your fault.

It seems like children have been falling out of windows left and right around here lately!  After doing a little digging, that’s pretty accurate.

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NINE kids have been treated by local hospitals for injuries sustained from falling out of windows since April.

In national news you have a kid being attacked by an alligator at Disney World and another child who found his way into a gorilla exhibit at Cincinnati Zoo.

The citizens of our country are divided.  Some of us believe the blame should be put on the parents while the rest feel it’s the fault of the businesses where these incidents occurred.

Likewise, the citizens of my little metropolitan area can’t agree on how to react to these window accidents.  Opinions seem to vary between “This is horrible, lock those parents up!” to “Accidents happen, so let’s not blame anyone.”

My opinion?  How about we all accept that accidents really do happen AND the parents are at fault.

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So, in case you haven’t noticed already, this post has NOTHING to do with frugality.  No cheap DIY project or inexpensive recipe here!  Heck, I’m not even supposed to be writing today!  My schedule clearly says “Re-vamp cloth diaper post“.

I can’t take it anymore, though.  All this asinine “don’t blame the parents” talk is absolute bullshit.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the mother, father, aunt, or babysitter.  If the child YOU are caring for climbs out of a window in her bedroom during nap time, that is YOUR fault.  YOU made the choice to put her in that bedroom unsupervised for her nap.  YOUR choices are the reason that child fell 3 stories and landed on the sidewalk below.


It was an accident, I get it.  Parents aren’t going around premeditating their kid’s fall from the second story window. Accidents happen and we can’t watch our children 24/7.

As I am writing this, Bee is crawling around my living room, going in and out of my sight.  I feel comfortable with her in there by herself, I’m pretty sure there is nothing she could get into that can hurt her.

And I’m sure every parent feels that way just before an accident happens!  I find it hard to believe that someone leaves their kid alone in the living room for three minutes to do laundry thinking “Yeah, he’s probably going to open that window up and fall out, but I just gotta do this!”.

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Our choices play some role in determining not only our own fate, but the fate of those around us.

YES it is the parent’s fault that their son was killed by an alligator.  They chose to allow him to wade in the water when Disney had signs posted that clearly stated not to swim in the water. No, Disney did not list the reason for said signs.   Nor should they have to!

If I see a sign that simply states “No Swimming”, I’m not going to go near the water.  How do I know there isn’t a flesh eating bacteria in that water or something?  I mean, I’m not sure if such a thing exists, but it could!

NO, the parents should not be legally prosecuted for what happened to their son.  Because accidents happen!  These people have to live the rest of their lives knowing that due to the choices they made on that tragic day, their little boy is dead.  And his death was brutal, it was painful.  It’s the kind of death I wouldn’t wish on any person, let alone an innocent child.

Here I sit, still typing away.  Bee is still in the living room.  I can’t see her the entire time, but I can hear her talking.  I hear all of her toys.  Occasionally she crawls into my sight for a couple minutes, then it’s back to a different part of the room that I can’t see.  I think she’s safe; I’m only about 15 feet away from her.

But, accidents happen.

If she gets hurt while she is in there by herself, it will be my fault.  Why?  Because I am the one who is choosing to leave her in there unsupervised.  I am the one who believes she is safe right now and that nothing is going to happen to her while out of my sight.

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I am willing to accept responsibility for the choices I make.  I understand that my choices effect others.

It’s called being an adult.

And it’s becoming apparent to me that not many people in this country understand that concept anymore.

4 thoughts on “Are You the Parent? Then Yes! It’s Your Fault!

  • July 6 at 10:56 am

    totally agree with you. that’s why when you become a mother/father, you stop living for yourself and start living for another human being because any decision you make, it affects your kid(s) and someone must have a child after a very long thought. It’s such a serious commitment ..

  • July 6 at 12:22 pm

    Great post! I agree that it would be the parents fault if the kids are still toddler and not knowing how to protect her/himself. As parents, we hold great responsibility to our children.

  • July 6 at 1:38 pm

    As you know, I am totally in agreement with the opinion you have shared here. There was a time, in this country, where people took responsibility for their actions….or lack of action. But when an individual can order a hot cup of coffee, spill it on himself, sue the restaurant he bought the coffee from & win the lawsuit……that really does not support taking responsibility for ones actions. This, unfortunately, is the direction our society, as a whole, has chosen to take.

  • July 6 at 10:00 pm

    That’s so sad that kids are falling out windows! Do the homes have regulations that are being overlooked?


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