March 2017: Income & Progress Update

Take a peek at my 10th month of blogging. It may not have been my greatest month ever, but I think there are definite signs that good things are to come!

I feel like I am way late on getting this post up. It’s usually my favorite post of the month. I love checking out my stats and numbers!

I told you guys last month that Hubby got a new job in Oregon and that we’d be moving the weekend of April 1st.

All went according to plan and here we are, in a small town in N.E. Oregon, living in an itty bitty house. I’m typing this from my laptop, which is sitting on my bedroom dresser because I’ve yet to find a real home for it!

Not only does this little house have a sugar ant and mouse problem (yuck!), it also has a bit of a neighbor problem. We have a neighbor with 7 (yes, SEVEN) dogs, who knows how many chickens, and 4 ducks. Plus their yard is filled with garbage. It looks like they ripped kitchen garbage bags open and just dumped out the trash. All of this on one small city lot. Absolutely mind boggling.

We were originally hoping this house would be a 2 year house. That we’d stay in it long enough to pay off all of our debt and purchase a new home. Hubby and I just don’t know how long we’ll be able to put up with the neighbors, though.

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I spent our first full day in the new house unpacking Bee’s stuff and setting up her bedroom. I was really hoping to set her crib up ASAP after moving in, but we ended up getting into town later than planned. Then there were random issues that kept popping up. By the time I was ready to set up her crib, she was ready for bed. Sunday I made it a priority to get her room ready for her. With everything that’s been going on during the last couple months, I really felt like she needed some sense of normality, even if it was only at bedtime.

Once her room was good to go, I moved on to the kitchen. That’s when I discovered our sink was clogged. Not only do I no longer have a dishwasher, but I couldn’t even hand wash dishes! Lucky for us, Hubby’s dad lives nearby and happens to be a plumber. He swung by after work Monday and unclogged our sink for us.

Monday I discovered the ant and mouse problem, too. I used steel wool to fill any and every hole I could find in the kitchen in an attempt to keep the mice out. So far it’s worked! No signs of them since then. The ants, on the other hand, are a constant battle and I hate it.

I feel like I’ve made a million trips to the store in the last week and about half a million to our storage unit. I decided that today we were going to take a little break. Once I’m done writing this post, Bee and I are going to go play at a park. Much needed time away from the craziness of moving into a new home!

It’s really no surprise at all that my blog suffered last month. I got my posts up every week, but I couldn’t find the time to get out there and share the posts as I normally would.

Here are the sad stats from last month:

I think the only thing that improved was my bounce rate! Every other number is extremely sad. I suppose it is what it is and all I can do now is push to improve these numbers this month.

Here are the 5 posts that saw the most traffic:

I’m not really surprised by this. I figured the flower pot post would be the most popular post last month and I knew my post about Pinterest group boards would be a popular read when I wrote it.

So, let’s talk about my goals. How many did I actually achieve?
  • Write 5 posts – Yep! As you’re about to see, it’s actually the only goal I completed!
  • Fix 5 old posts – Nope.
  • 75 email subscribers – Sadly, I didn’t gain a single subscriber.
  • Organize! – No.
  • Find and apply for a couple campaigns – This goal sat in the back of my head all month, but I never found the time to sit down and find campaigns.
  • Google AdSense –  $8.59 – Not too shabby for basically doing nothing on here last month.
  • Amazon – $2.93 – My Easter basket post brought in a little money.
  • Sponsored post- $50.00 – I wrote this post about Groupon in January. Finally got paid for it last month.
Total income last month: $61.52 – Not impressive, but it’s better than nothing.

Social media followers:

Facebook: 563 (+10)
Twitter: 1,674 (+89)
Instagram: 419 (+12)
Pinterest: 2,081 (+161)
StumbleUpon: 36 (+4)

Last month was probably one of my worst months ever as far as gaining followers goes.

Goals for April 2017:
  • Write 5 posts – I was super busy last month and I know I’ll have a lot going on this month, too. I’ll just be happy if I can spit out 5 posts.
  • Fix 5 old posts – A goal once again.
  • 75 email subscribers – Yep, it’s still a goal.
  • Create 2 new Pinterest images on 5 posts – Not only do I want to fix up some posts, I want to create new images for Pinterest on 4 of my most popular posts and for one of my opt-in offers.
  • Organize! – Finish that Facebook spreadsheet. I also want to create a spreadsheet to keep track of all of my income.
  • Find and apply for 3 campaigns – I’m sure this month won’t be as stressful and crazy as last month, so I’m pretty sure I can achieve this goal!
  • Post on Instagram 5+ times a week – I’m bad about IG, but every time I post I gain followers. I want to post at least 5 times a week this month!
What are my recommendations for other bloggers?

Well, if you haven’t started blogging yet, I recommend getting a self hosted plan through Bluehost. Since I started blogging last May, I’ve had no issues with them. They have been great to work with and plans start as low as $3.45 a month!

If you already have a blog, PINTEREST IS KEY.

I can’t stress enough how important it is to be on Pinterest! And not just “I have an account and I pin all my posts to one of my boards“. You have to join group boards and pin your own pins to them as much as possible. I belong to tons of them, so feel free to head over to my Pinterest page and browse through my boards.

| Here’s a list of my favorite Pinterest group boards! |

Another great idea is buying Finding Your Tribe Online. I couldn’t have gotten to where I am now without all the help I’ve gotten from Jen Snyder over at Women Winning Online. She has been so helpful that I purchased Finding Your Tribe Online from her a few months ago and it has been one of the best blogging purchases I’ve made! FYTO has multiple lists of Pinterest group boards organized by topic. It even tells you how to request to join each board! Not to mention that, FYTO includes a full blown marketing plan! If you want to take your Pinterest game to the next level, it’s definitely worth the $67!!

If Facebook groups are more your style, she’s included a ton of those is FYTO, too. Seriously, this is the best blogging resource I’ve found so far!

I’ve been promoting Finding Your Tribe Online for a few months now. I totally stand behind this product and attribute a lot of my success to it!

| Learn more about FYTO |

Are you a blogger? How long have you been blogging for? Are you doing better than me or are you struggling, too?

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