My 6th Month of Blogging: Income & Progress Update

I've been blogging for a half a year now. Check out what my readership looks like and how I made my money!

Tuesday marked 6 months of blogging. This is such a great milestone for me! I’m a couple days late to post this, but I was dealing with a sick kiddo the first couple days of the week.

I’m not going to lie, back when I started setting this blog up in May, I had hoped that I’d be making decent money by now. I’m not rolling in dough, but I’m making some money every month now. Even if it isn’t much, I’m not going to complain about my hobby bringing a little cash in.

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This is my 58th blog post, which brings me to my goal for the next 6 months: 100 posts.

I’d like to celebrate my 1 year blogiversary and my 100th post on the same day! I’m over halfway there, so I’m sure I’ll be able to do it! All it’ll take is trying to post twice a week every chance I can, which is something I already aim for.

Oh, and one more thing before we get started. This is the last time my updates will look like this. I plan on changing things up. I’ll be going from the 1st of one month to the 1st of the next month (rather than on the 6th). I may end up changing the entire style of these posts. I haven’t decided yet. I’ll definitely be changing the pinnable image, too.

Alrighty, on to all the stats you came here for. Let’s begin with readership:

I saw this coming. I knew it was going to happen. This post was driving SO MUCH of my traffic since it went semi-viral in September. I knew once things calmed down that my readership would drop.

Trying to stay positive, though. Even though my readership dropped, my returning visitor rate, my pages per session, and my average session duration is all up a bit and my bounce rate went down a little. Those are all positives.

Traffic was WAY low on Thanksgiving day. I think I saw 50 visitors. Things have been getting better since then, though.

Pinterest is still driving most of my traffic and right now this is my most popular post. Which is awesome because it’s filled with affiliate links and I’m making money off of it!!

So, goal update. What were my goals last month? Did I achieve them?
  • Write 15 pages in my eBook – No. I wrote 9 pages.
  • Write one more Thanksgiving post – No. I really had writers block here. I mean, I had ideas, but I couldn’t really put them into enough words to create a legitimate post. And I believe quality is better than quantity, so I didn’t write another one.
  • Finish fixing my old posts – Ugh, no. I fixed a few, but this goal is still a work in progress!
  • Join 10 Pinterest collaborative boards – Nope. I joined 2, but I was also dropped from 2!
  • Reach 2,250 Pinterest followers – HA! I wish! Not even close. Bit off more than I could chew here!
  • 75 email subscribers – No. When my readership dropped, so did my new subscribers. Disappointing, but to be expected.
  • 2 freelance/guest posts –  No. I sent one article to one website and was turned down. Never got around to writing a second or submitting that first article to another site.
  • Organize! – Yep! I made that spreadsheet I wanted to create.
  • Google AdSense –  $15.49 – I’m at $76.76 here. Less than $25 to go before I can cash out for the first time!
  • Ibotta  –  $0 – Nothing here, but I did add a ton of people to my Ibotta team, so I’m earning bonuses faster than ever before!
  • Amazon $42.06 – I love this! My goal is to make most of my money through affiliates and I have been waiting for Amazon to work out since day 1. I’m so glad to see that it finally is!! The only downside is Amazon is Net 90, meaning I have to wait 90 days to receive payment. I know that the sales will die down after Christmas, so I’ll need to write more posts that draw people in and get them to make purchases over the next 11 months!
Total income last month: $57.55 – I’m not upset about this. Sure, I’d love to see more money coming in, but I did nothing to earn this money except write once a week and promote my blog when I had time. It’s probably the easiest $57 I’ve made since I started this blog.

Social media followers:

Facebook: 415 (+132)
Twitter: 1,249 (+53)
Instagram: 306 (+35)
Pinterest: 1,467 (+293)
StumbleUpon: 18 (+7)

Everything grew, unlike last month when I lost a couple followers on StumbleUpon.

It’s funny thinking one of my goals was to reach 2,250 Pinterest followers. Between my Pinterest traffic dropping for a couple weeks (I have no clue why that happened, but it’s getting better now) and my inability to find the time to really promote my Pinterest page, it’s no surprise my growth didn’t come close to what I had hoped for. I knew it was a crazy goal when I set it, but I didn’t think it would be that bad!


Goals for Month #7:
  • Write 6 pages in my eBook – I won’t have a full month to complete any of my goals (since I’ll be writing these on the 1st from now on) and I know I’ll be super busy with Christmas. I have 6 pages that I need to write to complete the segment of my book that I’m currently working on.
  • Write 2 more Christmas posts – I think the coolest thing about writing these seasonal posts is that a year from now they will pay off again. I have 3 Christmas posts up right now, I think it would be great to go into December 2017 with 5 Christmas posts in my arsenal already!
  • Write a New Years Resolution post – Nothing too exciting, maybe tips for people who are resolving to be more frugal or something.
  • Fix my old posts – I know I won’t get to all of them. I’d like to dedicate a day to fixing 5 of them this month, though.
  • 75 email subscribers – I’m at 62 right now. Gaining 13 would be amazing considering how much my traffic has slowed down lately.
  • Organize! – This month I want to create a spreadsheet for all of my Facebook groups that tells me when all their promo & follow days are.
  • Get rid of the pop-up – I have a pop-up asking people to sign up for my newsletter. Google’s changing it’s game up a bit and they are going to punish websites with pop-ups come January 1st. You’re Google page rank and likelihood of showing up in a search will drop if you have a pop-up. I need to find a new way to advertise my newsletter.
What are my recommendations for other bloggers?

Well, if you haven’t started blogging yet, I recommend getting a self hosted plan through Bluehost. Since I started blogging in May, I’ve had no issues with them. They have been great to work with and plans start as low as $3.45 a month!

Another great idea is buying Finding Your Tribe Online. I couldn’t have gotten to where I am now without all the help I’ve gotten from Jen Snyder over at Women Winning Online. She has been so helpful that I purchased Finding Your Tribe Online from her a few months ago and it has been one of the best blogging purchases I’ve made! FYTO has multiple lists of Pinterest group boards organized by topic. It even tells you how to request to join each board! Not to mention that, FYTO includes a full blown marketing plan! If you want to take your Pinterest game to the next level, it’s definitely worth the $67!!

I’ve been promoting FYTO for a couple months now. I totally stand behind this product and attribute a lot of my success to it!

Note: This post contains affiliate links.


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    I love that you have specific monthly blogging goals. Great for growth.
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