My Recommendations

I created this page to share with you the services, companies and products that I use and find to be of value. This way you can learn about a lot of great stuff all in one place!

Disclaimer: This page includes affiliate links, but I highly recommend each of these products. I will not share products that I have not personally tried myself.




Ibotta: I LOVE Ibotta. It’s one of the best money saving phone apps I’ve ever used. It’s about a million times better than using coupons, too, because there’s no clipping, no sorting, no fumbling at the register. Cashiers don’t have to worry about trying to get bar codes to scan, either! All you do is download the app, search through available rebates, go grocery shopping, come home and redeem your rebates! Seriously simple. You can learn more about Ibotta here.



Checkout 51: Another great rebate app, although it doesn’t have as many rebates as Ibotta. One thing I really like about Checkout 51, though, is that you can choose to have them send you a check for the money you’ve saved rather than cashing it out in the form of gift cards. Plus you can verify your rebates using a tablet or computer, too!



Swagbucks: If you’re a SAHM like me, you’ve probably looked into easy ways to make money from home. Swagbucks can help you do just that! I don’t use it as much as I used to, but I’ve made nearly $500 through Swagbucks. It didn’t take much effort, either. I watched videos (and by watched, I really mean let them play with the computer on mute while I did other things), played games, took surveys, participated in some really neat product research studies. It can be fun! Oh, not to mention that you can get cash back when you shop through Swagbucks.



DealSpotr: This website rewards you for helping other people find great deals online. I’ve only made $70-something through Dealspotr, but to be honest I kind of put this one on the back burner. Not because it isn’t a good site with potential to bring in a little cash, but because I just got busy and sort of forgot about it. If making a little cash from home is what you’re looking for, definitely check them out!

Credit Sesame: I’ve used a few different credit score websites in the past, but Credit Sesame is my favorite. Even with a free membership, they keep me updated on any changes related to my credit score. If I want more than the basic details, though, I have to pay $10 a month.




PicMonkey: I use this site for most of my photo editing needs. It’s sort of funny because I happen to own a Photoshop program. I just find PicMonkey a lot easier to use and sometimes I come out with a better looking picture than I could have with Photoshop! You can use it for free, although you do have to pay for some of the bonus features like

Canva: Sometimes PicMonkey just doesn’t cut it. Sure they have tons of amazing photo editing features, but Canva offers some other things that can be equally useful.
With presized templates, you can easily throw together a Pinterest or Facebook image without trying to figure out what the proper dimensions should be. As a member, you are also allowed quick and easy access to stock photos. Some are free while others cost $1 to use.

Bluehost: I have been with Bluehost for going on 2 years now and I have had absolutely no problems with them. They have been a great company to get my hosting service through and I would recommend them to anyone considering starting a website.

Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing: If you are new to the blogging scene and have no real clue what you’re doing, Making Sense of Affiliate Marketing can help you tremendously.
As someone who had been blogging for about 11 months when I purchased this, I didn’t find this course to be worth the price. I only learned 2 or 3 things that I didn’t already know.
I do wish I had purchased it at the very start of my blogging career, though, as having all of this information in one place would have made my life so much easier and allowed me to spend more time doing other things.


Finding Your Tribe Online: This was the very first piece of educational content I purchased as a blogger – and I’m so glad I did. Thanks to FYTO, my blog traffic literally tripled in the first 24 hours and that was just the first day!
This ebook can help any blogger, no matter how long you’ve been blogging! It contains lists of various Facebook groups bloggers would benefit from joining, Pinterest group boards to help your Pinterest reach, and over 150 popular bloggers who accept guest posts.
As if that weren’t enough, you get access to what I would consider to be one of the most helpful Facebook blogging groups I’ve ever belonged to!