Swagbucks vs. Dealspotr – Which One is Better?


After Bee was born, I entered a new, strange world. A world where I stayed home all day to care for a tiny baby. It was a big adjustment, yes, but I took to the change well. I was finally living my dream of being a stay-at-home mom.

In the beginning it was sort of like a nice vacation. I hated the job I had prior to her birth and I didn’t quit working there until 3 days before she was born, so I really enjoyed this new mommy gig.

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After a couple months, I started to miss making money. I started feeling like I wasn’t doing enough because I wasn’t contributing to our bank account. Of course I was well aware that my job was to take care of our daughter and manage our home, but I’d had a job outside my home for the last 10 years. Every time money was tight, I somehow felt like I was to blame.

I had to come up with a solution to this problem. So began my search for legitimate ways to make money from home. I felt the need to bring in a little cash, but that feeling wasn’t strong enough for me to go back to working outside the home while my daughter was in daycare.

From Scentsy to envelope stuffing to survey websites… I read up on a lot of different options. I tried a bunch of the options, too, and the only one that really stuck was Swagbucks.

A while ago I wrote an article about my love for Swagbucks. It really is an awesome site. I’ve made hundreds of dollars through them this year and I’m super grateful to have found them!

Recently I was told about Dealspotr. I heard it was similar to Swagbucks, so I was intrigued. I’ve spent the last couple weeks using this website and it’s about time I share my findings with my awesome readers. Wanna know which site is better? Keep reading!

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I’ve written about Swagbucks before, so I’ll keep this simple (you can find my full review here). At Swagbucks.com, you complete a variety of tasks in exchange for Swag Bucks. These tasks include taking surveys, watching videos, participating in poles, playing games and searching the internet. The Swag Bucks can be exchanged for a gift card of your choice. There are TONS of gift card options, too.

Another fun plus: you can earn Swag Bucks back by shopping at a large variety of stores online.

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It’s the same concept at Dealspotr.com. You complete tasks in exchange for points, the points are exchanged for gift cards. The big difference? It isn’t nearly as complicated or time consuming as Swagbucks. You don’t have to waste 10 minutes of your life watching a set of videos in hopes of receiving 3 cents!

Dealspotr is all about finding good deals on items that are for sale. Members post deals they find online and share them with the entire Dealspotr community. So, not only is Dealspotr going to reward you for being a member and using their website, you’re also going to save a whole bunch of money if you shop through them!

Once you’ve become a member of Dealspotr, you are given a daily checklist that consists of 4 tasks. All these tasks revolve around the money saving deals that can be found on their website. If you complete all 4 tasks, you are rewarded with 200 points.

Other ways to gain points include “spotting” deals (if you spot a deal and it becomes popular, you can earn 120+ points depending on how popular the deal becomes), commenting on deals, and posting deals of your own.

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If you aren’t super strapped for time and you enjoy taking surveys, playing games, and watching videos all day, Swagbucks is for you! They have hundreds, maybe even thousands, of videos on their website to choose from, some of their surveys are very lucrative (I’ve taken part in 2 that paid out $30!), their search engine is almost as good as Google, and their games can be addicting. If you would have asked me this question 4 months ago, I would have told you Swagbucks takes the cake, HANDS DOWN.

Buuuttt… it’s not 4 months ago and these days I spend literally all of my free time working on this blog. I can’t just play games, take surveys and watch videos all the time anymore.

Dealspotr is simple. I can get my checklist done quickly and I don’t have to spend half your day playing videos on your computer. And even though I didn’t spend all day on their website, I still managed to make my first $10 gift card the same day I signed up.

So, if you’re like me and don’t have the time it takes to make Swagbucks work for you, I highly recommend Dealspotr.


Whatever your choice, I hope it works for you and becomes a lucrative side hustle!

Sign up for Swagbucks here.

You can sign up for Dealspotr here and get $5 free!

Good luck!

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