Toddler Girl Outfits for Spring that are Fun & Practical

With spring quickly approaching, I’ve been looking at my daughter’s current wardrobe wondering what she has to wear.

I’d be lying if I said I dress my kid super fashionably because I definitely don’t. Normally I buy a nice outfit for her to wear when it’s necessary, but that’s about it. Most of the time she’s sporting a shirt and jeans!

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Things have been changing a lot lately, though. A couple of months ago we went to my brother’s house and his 6-year-old daughter put a dress on Bee. She came out of the bedroom saying “Look, Mommy! I’m a princess!”.

That was it. After that day she’s wanted to wear a dress on a nearly daily basis saying “Be a princess, please?”

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She seriously had no dresses until Christmas when she received a dress and a nightgown from family members. Now she’s happy she can be a princess all day and go to bed as a princess, too!

It’s obvious that I need to start buying her dresses and, while searching for some online earlier today, I couldn’t help but notice all the awesome spring-worthy two-piece outfits that were also popping up in my search results.

They really made me want to buy nice outfits for her this spring, and not just for special occasions.

What’s been holding me back in the past? Why haven’t I done this before? Well, the price really.

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Couple that with the fact that I buy almost all her clothes at Walmart. She’s definitely less than fashionable most of the time!

Some of the dresses and outfits I found today weren’t too spendy, though. They all have pretty good reviews, too.

2-piece floral print hoodie and pants

I love the floral print matched with grey! I’m not usually big into super girly clothes, so this combination works well for me.


Simple Joys by Carter’s

This is a two pack deal! Both outfits are cute and would be great to wear to the park on a nice, sunny spring day.


U.S. Polo Assn. 2-pack Dresses

I’ve never really put my daughter in dresses aside from special occasions, but recently she’s started to really like them. She asks to wear them all the time. I’m sure I’ll be buying these (or dresses just like them) for her.


U.S. Polo Assn. Dress & Jacket

I love this outfit! It’s not super girly, which keeps me happy, but it’s still a dress which would satisfy my daughter. Oh… and don’t even get me started on that jacket! It is absolutely adorable!


U.S. Polo Assn. Dress & Sweater

A little more feminine than the last. I think it would be a great outfit for a nice family dinner or birthday party.


BiggerStore Off-Shoulder Shirt & Pants

This is a pretty simple outfit. Pants and a shirt. I think the top is pretty cute, though.


Unique Baby Spring Floral Top, Leggings & Scarf

I love that this outfit comes with a scarf to match the leggings! How clever!


Frogwill Pretty Print Romper

When I think romper, my mind goes to summer. That’s probably just because I live in a northern state and romper worthy weather doesn’t generally arrive until very late spring.
Just the same, I thought I’d throw this one in for all you southern mamas.


Carter’s 2-Piece Playwear Set

This outfit screams spring to me! I really like that the sleeves can be adjusted. When it’s a little chillier out you can leave them unrolled.


Carter’s 2-Piece Playwear Set

Another cute outfit! The sleeves can easily be rolled down on this one, too.


Firearm Girls Clothing Set

When my daughter was younger, she had an outfit (in size 0-3m) that looked a lot like this. I could see myself getting her this just for memory’s sake.


Flower Print Ruffle Pants Set

The stripes, polka dots, and floral patterns all thrown together really work well on this outfit. And those cute ruffles… I bet Bee would really like this one.


Ruffle Dress and Pants Set

This is another cute, sorta ruffly outfit. A little tamer than the last!


Toddler Flower & Butterfly Dress

Bee’s nursery theme was butterflies. Surprisingly, she’s continued to like them throughout her life. Her love of dresses combined with her excitement over butterfly clothing means this bright dress would be a win!


Floral Print Princess Dress & Headband

Although these aren’t the traditional colors we’re used to seeing in spring, I really like this dress and headband combo. It would work well as both a spring or fall outfit!

Which one of these toddler girl outfits is your favorite? Will your little one be sporting any of them this spring?

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