How to Use to Save Money on Your Next Vehicle

Save money on your next vehicle using!The following is a sponsored post. Although I am being reimbursed for this post, all opinions are mine. My monetary gain has in no way impacted how I feel about using as a tool to help you save money on your next vehicle purchase.

Since we’ve been married, Hubby and I have purchased 4 vehicles. Two were private party purchases while the other two were from dealerships.

Each purchase, aside from the very first vehicle that we bought from his dad, has been a long process.

Maybe you’re new to my blog and don’t know this about me, but I am always searching for the best deal! Be it on groceries, clothes or my next vehicle.

Purchasing a vehicle always starts the same way: My husband and I talk and decide what kind of vehicle is best for us. What are we looking for in a vehicle? What are our must haves? Are we willing to compromise on certain things?

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Our next step is internet browsing. Craigslist,, dealership websites. This part usually takes us months because we have a pretty specific vehicle in mind once we get past the initial step of discussing our upcoming purchase.

One thing I really like about is they let you know if a vehicle is priced fairly.

This is especially helpful if you don’t know what the going price for a specific make and model is. It means you have way less research to do!

Once we’ve found a vehicle we’re interested in, we take the dreaded trip to the dealership to check out and test drive said vehicle.

Now, this is the part I hate.

I leave the test driving up to my husband. I have faith in his ability to notice issues on a test drive, whereas I’m not even sure I’d notice a flat tire if I had one!

If he approves of the way it handles, I look it over. Sit in it. Look it over again. It’s about this time that the dealer is pushing for us to step into his office and run the numbers. I start to get annoyed because now that I’ve seen it, I’d like to talk to Hubby about the vehicle without a nosy salesman trying to push us into the building. Eventually, though, we decide we’re interested in running those numbers with him and inside we go.

Now, this is the part I love.

They’re going to come at you with their “best price”, but it really won’t be their best price. If you say you need to think about it, they like to ask, “what kind number would we need to get down to for you to take this vehicle home today?

That’s my favorite question because I get a kick out of throwing an obscenely low number at them and seeing the look on their faces while I’m doing so.

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But how do I know that the number I give them is obscenely low? Because I researched vehicles like the one I’m considering purchasing for months prior to this visit.

Don’t worry, you don’t need to look for months. Not everyone has the time for that! makes price checking super easy.

Your research, coupled with confidence and making it clear that you are willing to walk away from this vehicle if they can’t, eventually, give you the deal you want is what is going to help you save money on your next purchase.

Don’t hesitate to search for vehicles using, don’t be afraid of being “mean” to the dealer, and know that if this doesn’t work out, you’ll find a different vehicle soon.

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  • November 6 at 12:31 am

    The part that is hilarious, is the look on the salesman’s face as you give them that very low number. A look worth seeing! Anyways, I have never used for some reason, but now that I know it gives me the relative price and reduces my research time, then I’ll use it as my number one destination the next time I’m looking to buy a car. Awesome tip.


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